Terrain Editor

3DVIA Studio Terrain Editor

Build and publish realistic worlds on the fly by generating dynamic 3D terrain with the new terrain editor. The terrain editor is FREE with any 3DVIA Studio download.


  • All-in-One: edit and manipulate terrain in one panel.
  • Height Map Generation: generate terrain with simple effects and erosion using eight to 32-bit height maps. Also, manually apply erosion.
  • Brushes: built-in, high quality brushes. Plus the ability to import custom brushes.
  • Level of Detail: up to 4096 x 4096.
  • Procedural Materials: using material layers, paint materials onto the terrain. Rock layers with tri-linear projection, ground layers and high-detail textures with no tiling effect supporting an infinite number of painted material layers.
  • Custom Maps: diffuse maps, normal maps, splat mask maps, as well as custom maps from external terrain generation tools like World Machine.
  • Advanced Real-Time Rendering: optimized run-time rendering, displacement map, level of detail, tiles and deferred shading support.

Learn About Terrain

Lear about the 3DVIA Studio terrain editor by reading through the available documentation below.

  • Create Terrain: read how to create a terrain using the terrain editor.
  • Edit Terrain: read how to edit your terrain using the terrain editor.
  • Terrain Materials: read up on what materials are available to you when creating terrain.
  • Terrain Samples: check out examples of the types of terrain you can generate with the terrain editor.
  • Terrain Concepts: familiarize yourself with the terminology associate with terrain generation.

Get Started

Get started building and publishing your own 3D worlds by watching the terrain editor tutorial video below.