Immersive Virtuality (iV)

3DVIA Studio Augmented and Virtual Reality

Immerse users in the virtual by letting them interact naturally with their body and have the most vivid perceptual experience, leveraging technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, motion capture, gestures, touch and more.

Mainstream and affordable, iV Technologies illustrate Dassault Systèmes’ vision to provide ultimate lifelike experiences.

iV Features

The following is a list of iV features included in the free 3DVIA Studio offer:

  • Tracking
    • Virtual Reality Peripheral Network (VRPN): support for all standard VR peripherals (trackers, controllers) through VRPN, the standard open source protocol.Check out for the complete device list.
  • Stereoscopic Vision
    • Stereoscopic Displays: support for stereoscopic monitors, TVs and video projectors working in frame sequential rendering (active stereo), checkerboard or side-by-side modes.
    • Non-stereoscopic Displays: Anaglyph (red/cyan) stereo support on any screen (perfect for developers to test when little hardware equipment is available).
  • Sensorial User in Interaction model (SUI)
    • Provides user and physical environment abstraction models to ease creation of user centric interactive experiences
      • Allows creation of experiences that focus on the end user’s body in the real world (including his surrounding) rather than on set of hardware devices.
      • Describes what the end user is doing, how he perceives the virtual world, how he acts, what he holds, …
  • Wall + Head and Wand SUI scenario
    • Provides a ready-to-use package to deploy an interactive experience on a large immersive tiled-wall system with head tracking and wand-based navigation
      • Simplifies creation, configuration and deployment of interactive experiences dedicated to those systems
  • More to come!

Get Started

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