Build Workset

The Build Workset gathers all the views necessary for compiling, processing and exporting your project as a  runtime-ready project. It is also the place where you will be able to optimize your content (2D/3D Media, Sound, Scripts, Behaviors and specific code) for a specific build target (3DVIA Studio Pro users).

A build target consists of a target platform and a configuration. The target platform is the platform on which your project will run, and the configuration is an additional component that can be used to compile the same project for the same platform but with different parameters. For example, a developer may want to build a project for the Web but with two different configurations: High Resolution Textures and Low Resolution Textures.

The Build Workset is also the place from which you will be able to manage your Assets’ flow, from their import(1) state during authoring to their compiled version at runtime. It will furthermore assist you in your Asset flow management to ensure that it is carried out in a simple, automatic and transparent way.

Proper Asset flow management will increase your development productivity and the quality of your project by allowing you to:

  • Manage individual Assets.
  • Set processors on Assets for optimization.
  • Specify how an Asset needs to be compiled.

(1) When imported, certain media Assets (such as DAE, 3DXML and JPG files) can be cached into a 3DVIA Studio-native format (more easily readable by the application) so as to accelerated loading. An Asset’s cached/non-cached import build state is managed as a parameter global to the project.


The Build Workset consists of two main views: the Asset Processors library, which provides access to all the presets and project-specific processors that can be applied to the contents of your project; and the Project Build Explorer, which is the view that allows you to explore the logical structure of your project and set specific build information on individual or group(s) of Asset(s) (called nodes). All this build information is stored into one single Asset, the .mpbuild file, which exists beside the mpproj file.

The Build Smart Console and the Build Output Console, also in the Build Workset, will assist you when building (compiling and processing) and exporting your project, by displaying the outputs resulting from the build and export processes and the overall status of your project.

The Build Workset also relies on the Build Toolbar, which hosts all the commands necessary to edit and specify
the build targets, and launch the project build and export processes. The mpbuild Asset will store the project build
tree, the build targets and the build information set on the build nodes.