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Streaming Remote Assets

Description This article is related to the VSL class vkStreamingCacheManager which allows your experience to download multiple files asynchronously and load their content into the current stage. You may want to use this class if you have the following needs: Download files and load their content in a background task without blocking your experience. The […]

Web Deployment

PrerequesiteEmbed my experienceExtended JavaScript embeddingPure HTML alternative3DVIA Player startup options3DVIA Player startup parameters Prerequesite Interactive 3D content produced with 3DVIA Studio is called an experience. You can deploy experiences on the Web thanks to the 3DVIA Player which is supplied as a browser plugin. We assume that you have: A Unique ID: the 3DVIA identifier […]

Browser Interaction

3DVIA Studio is a real-time 3D authoring solution for developing playable, online interactive experiences (e.g., training simulations, games, etc.). This article deals with the process of establishing communication between a 3DVIA Studio experience and its embedded Web page (on 3DVIA.com, a blog or wherever). Read on to learn both sides of communication: the experience to […]