Frequently Asked Questions

Our checklist covers everything you'll need to use the 3DVIA Player. Go through the links to double-check your configuration and spot necessary updates. If you can't find an answer to your question below, ask your question in our forums.

Q. 3DVIA Player system requirements.

Q. Are you using Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS?

Q. Does the 3DVIA Player support AOL Web browsers ?

Q. If you get a DirectX warning or a missing component error, update your DirectX version.

Q. If the 3DVIA Player does not install, check your security settings.

Q. Do you have the latest drivers for your 3D graphics accelerator card?

Q. Is your monitor set to display 32-bit color?

Q. Why experiences run with the 3DVIA Player are rendered incorrectly in Firefox and not in Internet Explorer?

Q. Why doesn't the mouse/keyboard work in the 3DVIA Player with Windows Vista / Internet Explorer?

Q. Why do I have an abnormal behavior of my schematic?

Q. Why doesn't my experience work anymore since I upgrade my 3DVIA Player to 5.0 version?

To download 3DVIA Shape, click here.