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A New Way to Present & Sell Your Work with Your iPad

In today’s competitive market, you need every chance to make your work stand out. 3DVIA Live Marketing Apps easily transform your 3D designs into engaging, mobile ready web applications viewable on the Apple iPad platform. Empower your sales team with fully touch enabled mobile catalogs or create an amazing mobile magazine for your next marketing launch. It’s simple, powerful and does not require an expensive development team to deliver. You can launch yours today in minutes.

How Does it Work?

We integrate your existing 3D designs and related images uploaded to the secure 3D hosting service into a professionally designed mobile web template of your choice. Through a self-service online application, you simply pick the desired template and add the 3D models from your 3DVIA inventory. That’s it! Your live marketing app is now available through a standard web address that can be shared via email , social network or even linked to from your website.

Your customers and partners do not need any special software to view the Mobile Marketing Apps but will need the 3DVIA Mobile HD application for fully 360 interactive view.

How Much Does it Cost?

3DVIA Live Marketing Apps are in very early beta with the goal of partnering with our users to help develop the most valuable product possible. During this beta period, we will allow users to create public apps with publicly available content for free.

If you need to keep your content private, you can also use this service with either an individual or group 3DVIA hosting account.


Professional Mobile-Ready Design

Choose from a magazine or catalog style design, that takes advantage of the Apple iPad’s unique touch interface.

Get Started in Minutes

Use our simple three-step mobile app building wizard.

Your Branding

Live Marketing Apps are designed to fit into your organizations’ look and feel.

Available by URL

Live Marketing Apps are available via standard web link to be shared through email, social network or your website.