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I designed a 3D mouse which could be a new product of a company that makes these kind of mouses,3DCONNEXION :)

The concept of my 3d mouse design comes from the side view of 3dconnexion’s SpaceNavigator 3d mouse. It is of course simplified, yet recognisable. The main curvature/design line can be seen from two views: from the top view and also from the side view, which is not a very common design. My main goal was to design a mouse that is very elegant but still very comfortable and ergonomic, otherwise the customer won’t be able to use it or even watch it during his moddeling time. The curved line made the elegance and the ergonomics possible.
My intention was to folow the idea: ۬ess is moreˬ so I tried to point out the main curvature and nothing else. Therefore I designed two edges that both follow the main curvature and have a texture of carbon fibers on it, which makes them more exposed. In the middle of each edge is a purple line that flows from the start to the end of the whole mouse. I also put the blue neon light that goes from the end of the mouse and turns around when it reaches the LCD screen area.
The LCD has touch screen technology which I think is one of the ۭust haveˠthings of every modern designed device. The user interface was also designed entirely by me. In it’s background we can see the previously mentioned curvature again. So because of the fact that this device uses touch screen I didn’t have to integrate big number of buttons. I only put the five most useful buttons and seven buttons that can be programmed. They are all gathered around the controller cap. The area with buttons is high glossy. The controller cap and the area where hand rests is rubber.
I named my 3dmouse design SpaceAstronaut because I think it is a good name for continuing the sequence of trademark names (SpaceNavigator, SpacePilot, SpacePilot pro and SpaceAstronaut).
I made a logo of the mouse that also has the curvature I mentioned before and it is hidden in the character ‘S’. The logo contains the same purple color that we can see on both edges of SpaceAstronaut.

Application: Autodesk Maya

File Overview
  • Original file size:8.78 MB
  • Original file format:dae
  • Surfaces:15
  • Triangles:89360
  • Vertices:178770
  • Textures:4
  • Created with:OpenCOLLADA2010 x64
  • Not usable in 3DVIA Shape
dswavely wrote...
over 5 years ago

Congratulations jurmastar! Your model has been included in the Top 10 – 121 blog with pictures and links to your model.

Go to to check it out!

tomy wrote...
over 5 years ago

I like the screen you added on the mouse. Looks pretty big for a mouse though.

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