Forward-Neutral-Reverse Gearbox

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Name- Nitesh Shenoy
College- NIT Calicut
Category- Automotive Innovation

It’s a F-N-R Gearbox to be implemented with a CVT,Continuously Variable Transmission. It is sliding mesh gearbox and the shifting mechanism for the three different gear positions is inspired from a Bajaj RE Gearbox.The entire assembly is immersed in oil and the lubrication is of splash type and an LSD,Limited Slip Diffrential, is used specially considering it’s off-road application of the vehicle.

This gearbox was not only a design but was also brought to life and also has been successfully tested on our vehicle.For more renders and actual pictures of the gearbox,check out the gallery section.

YouTube links of the videos of the gearbox in action and the shifting action will be given here soon.

File Overview
  • Original file size:3.04 MB
  • Original file format:3dxml
  • Surfaces:3376
  • Triangles:361052
  • Vertices:500210
  • Textures:0
  • Created with:SolidWorks 2010SP0.0
  • Not usable in 3DVIA Shape
dswavely wrote...
over 6 years ago

Congratulations shenoynitesh! Your model has been included in the Top 10 – 107 blog with pictures and links to your model.

Go to to check it out!

shenoynitesh wrote...
over 6 years ago

Thank you sir !!!…
Great observation on the toes thing…
Proved to be lucky for me… :)

dswavely wrote...
over 6 years ago

You’re welcome. I hope you wear shoes when you’re welding. It would not be good to burn your lucky toes. :)

3d-drucker-boy wrote...
1 year ago

Looks like a lot of work, had to design something similar in an engineering course recently.

shenoynitesh wrote...
1 year ago

It was quite a lot of work but looking back, we could have made it a lot better. What course did you have to design it for?

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