VIPER convertible

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Uploaded by alfredix 18/03/2009 11:34:49
Found this beautiful Viper on Googlewarehouse. All credits to SUPREM900
(seems like the name is program :) )

File Overview
  • Original file size:3.52 MB
  • Original file format:dae
  • Surfaces:118
  • Triangles:27693
  • Vertices:83079
  • Textures:7
  • Created with:Google SketchUp 6.0.515
  • Usable in 3DVIA Shape
billybobsue wrote...
over 7 years ago

Funky paint scheme, but sometimes SketchUp into 3DVIA does that. Nice model though. I’ll bet Nissan would be happy if you added it to his Csrs group –

alfredix wrote...
over 7 years ago

Here is one thing I am wondering about:
when I look on Google, I can see that all the really nice models are in Collada format (*.dae). I have sketchup (the free version) and their format is *.skp.
Anybody knows Collada? My googleing was not very informative up to now.
Honestly I doubt that those cars can be made by Sketchup’s native commands. Well, you’ll never know…
any feedback on that would be great

billybobsue wrote...
over 7 years ago

Collada was originally started by Sony. Now it is used by many other programs. You can export 3D models from SketchUp in the kmz format for upload to 3DVIA too. Many modelers do use SketchUp to translate their models from one format to another.

alfredix wrote...
over 7 years ago

In the warehouse I downloaded the Collada format. I got a ZIP file with all stuff inside. I took this ZIP and uploaded directly to 3DVia. Except some not refrenced docu files all was accepted perfectly from 3DVia.
I think it is just strange that Google put its stamp on the file, saying it is made in sketchup 6.something. Those models may come from great programs like Maya, 3D Studio and so on. And once uploaded to Google they are made by Sketchup. I don’t like this philosophy. Well … Google… :)
thanks for your explanation BillyBobsue. In the meantime I learned a bit about Collada. My fault was to look for a piece of software (like Maya or Blender) until I realized it is a format. Though your explanation helped a lot.

tomy wrote...
over 7 years ago

What billybobsue means is that you can go to File>Export>Save 3d model it is much eaisier than uploading to internet and downloading and uploading and downloading again.

billybobsue wrote...
over 7 years ago

Thanks to both of you for your added information! It’s much easier to learn when people add their own experiences.

I always download the .skp file and open it in the free version of SketchUp. Then I can use Tomy’s technique File>Export>3D Model> VERY IMPORTANT – Use the drop down to select “Google Earth 4 [*.kmz]” as your export format. This file can be directly uploaded to 3DVIA without any problems.

I like this method because I can also delete extra stuff that I don’t want and can also provide a direct link to the original model in the Warehouse.

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