Viper RT/10

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printscreen from : and then repositioned in Shape

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  • Original file size:175 KB
  • Original file format:3dxml
  • Surfaces:6
  • Triangles:5214
  • Vertices:5701
  • Textures:6
  • Created with:3DVIA Shape V3.1
  • Usable in 3DVIA Shape
smike wrote...
over 7 years ago

very very nice
looks real good
ok must admit even thoug i have made many cars – i am not a car lover and has never had any interest in cars
but this i almost want to try

abu_roadking wrote...
over 7 years ago

thanks smike… i just found it at an online game demo & used printscreen…

i love cars… not as much as bikes (motorcycles) but yes i do love them if they are beautiful, powerful and difficult to drive… same is the case with bikes… the more scared i am of i bike, i enjoy it more… cautiously… with respect… not like some ill prepared kiddo just wanting some cheap thrills…

it’s like reining a wild horse if i may put it that way :)

dswavely wrote...
over 7 years ago

Nice grab Abu! We can always use more cars. :)

Too bad the owner lived on Hawaii (the license plate). because he’ll run out of island before he runs out power.

I appreciate the emotional, sculptural and engineering aspects of cars, but strangely have very little desire to own a nice one. They are just too expensive in lots of different ways.

I’d rather spend my money on traveling and finding out about the peoples and countries of our world.

ammar-y wrote...
over 7 years ago


driver333 wrote...
over 7 years ago

i love cars and this is 100%

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