Virtools Special FX expert wanted (contract)

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  • Started 6 years ago by RayB
  1. RayB

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    Experienced Special FX expert wanted for online Virtools game.
    Candidate must have both art and Virtools abilities for the creation of mind-blowing special FX. We're talking Particles! Glowing fancy magic effects! Explosions, flashes, sparks, zaps, etc, etc... to rival the best seen in modern video games (or as close as possible within the Virtools framework).

    You will:
    - Create textures and 3D models as needed to make your FX visions reality
    - Script in Virtools (BBs and/or VSL and/or Shaders) to make your FX visions reality
    - Programming shaders not required, but sure would be advantageous!

    This is a paying contract approximately 4 to 6 weeks in duration.

    email me: (email link at bottom of main page)

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