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  1. timely

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    HI,enjoying the 3dvia programme, wondering do i need to install another programme to enable saving format as 3ds or obj.
    This is to enable usage in a non commercial website i enjoy,, moove..all prods in rigt direction welcomed

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  2. jdelrio

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    Currently what you can do is after you save the model to your account you can download it as a dae format. Dae has more complete support for shaders and options than obj or 3ds format. Once you have the dae you can inport it into any application natively or with a free plug in.

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  3. mgbaron

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    Are you asking about saving from, 3DVIA Shape, or some other program?

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  4. tomy

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    There isn't any function that enables you to download into 3ds or obj. There is always DAE, 3DXML and the original format though.

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