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    I am a early beginner in particles handling. I need to create particles going through a cylinder to provide a chimney effect. This means that I would like my particles "vanish" or fade in the air at the end of the cylinder.

    Thanks in advance for providing tutorial or help


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    Hi Laurent,

    There's a Particle System available in 3DVIA Studio. I guess you'll find what you need in Libraries > Presets > Particle Systems > Particle System.

    Drag and drop this component on a 3D entity and set its members : basically, Velocity, Life Span, Color Over Life, Size ... are the properties which could give you the excepted behavior.

    I attached a sample template (.mppack) : just take into account that particles are quite heavy for the render engine, you'll probably need to tweak this a little bit to keep good performances [:oops:]

    To describe the steps to get this small mppack :
    - import the building
    - import a New 3D Entity and aggregate a vkParticleSystem component on it
    - put the 3D entity as a subactor on the building and set its position to (0,building_dimensions.y,0) and its angle to (90,0,0) - to get the Z towards the Up direction
    - select the vkParticleSystem component and in the property view :
    + set the birth rate to 100 (probably too much actually)
    + set the location to 'Surface' and Emitter Shape to 'Sphere' (this way, the particle will be created all around the sphere and because the direction of emission is toward the 3D Entity Z axis (eDirectionnal)
    + set the velocity to 25
    + set the Color Over Life parameter using a vkColorGradientController : you can add 'control points' by double clicking on the axis and then set the color of these controllers

    Hope it helps and that it's clear enough pom pom pom


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