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  1. Snowside

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    i'm a student at a german Engineering university and looking forward to my bachelor thesis. I dont have a topic yet, but i have an idea and need your help.

    I started with 3DVIA Studio a few months ago, after i worked with 3DVIA Composer for more than a year. For my bachelor thesis i want to create an interactive experience in which i can walk and interact in 3D with my model.

    Before i can start, i need the hardware. My Professor is aware of my plan and wants an overview on how much it costs. We already have high end computers and projectors, but we need something to track motions. Is Microsoft Kinect an option? I need something, which is "easy" to use, because i'm a starter and no programmer. Furthermore, i want to make "on click" actions. Which hardware do you suggest?

    My model could be a plane in a hangar with some docks around the airplane wings. I want to walk around and open some doors on click.

    Can someone help me? Thanks in advance.

    Best regards from Germany,

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  2. soniab

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    I am not an expert of iV but I can investigate the question with experts.
    Meanwhile, did you read this article ? and ?

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  3. Snowside

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    Hi soniab,

    i read the first article, but not the second. Thanks for it.

    I'm referring to this video: Mainly this input device, the user has in his hand and the glasses with motion tracking. It would help me a lot, if you could give me the name or a link.

    Best regards,

    Edit: Oh, i see. I can find several devices in your second link

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  4. hiddentux

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    Hi Snowside,

    I'm not an expert either, however I can tell you which devices are shown in this video of 3DVIA Store :
    - Volfoni glasses
    - ART Flystick 2

    Also, using FAAST, a VRPN server and 3DVIA Studio' SUI, I think you could use a Kinect for you scenario.
    Have a look at this video to get an idea of what can be done with this kind of setup :

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  5. David

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    What hiddentux is referring to would cost you around 7-10k€
    Projector is about 1.5 k€, tracking and flystick is arround 5-8 k€
    You can get a quote from VRLogic maybe or EST which are VR resellers in Germany, and for sure from immersion in france
    If you want to reduce the cost, you may use optitrack, but quality may mot be as good as ART, or you can discuss the topic on
    For the scenario you mention, kinect is not a good option IMHO

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  6. Snowside

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    Thank you very much.

    I keep you updated

    One last question: Do i need 3DVIA Studio Pro for this?

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