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  1. fredericgoncalves

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for a way to get the render stats.
    I found in previous posts, several ways to display it in Authoring (in project options and some keyboard options), but I want to display them in a player.

    I've found in the documentation two classes that might help me :
    - vkRenderManagerStats
    - vkRasterizerStats
    The first one, works just fine. I can get frame time and FPS correctly.
    The second one always display 0 with all members I try to display.

    I tried to retrieve the data in a simple execute loop in a behaviour like this :

    bool Execute(const vkTaskContext& iCtx)
    	vkRenderManagerStats rmStats = vkRenderManager::InstancePtr().GetStats();
    	vkRasterizerStats rastStats = rmStats.rstStats;
    	messageOne = vkString("Frame rate (fps) : ") + vkRoundi(rmStats.averageFPS);
    	messageTwo = vkString("Last frame time (ms) : ") + rmStats.lastFrameTime;
    	messageThree = vkString("Mesh count : ") + rastStats.currentMeshCount;
    	return true;

    The documentation says :

    These values are reset when calling BeginScene and only become valid after a call to EndScene.
    The only exception if for the value beginning with current... we are always valid...

    So, the member currentMeshCount should be greater than 0.


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  2. flamenco

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    You can display standard stats using keyboard keys, in authoring (at play) but also inside any player.
    Press ² key (the topmost left key on my AZERTY keyboard), it should display a console. Then press F5,F7 or F8 to display stats. Don't forget to close console (pressing ² again) when you have chosen the right stats you want to display, because the open console catches all keyboard events

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  3. fredericgoncalves

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    In my case, I want the user to be able to select what information about rendering statistics he want to display.
    So, basically, I need a way to retreive the value selected anddisplay only those in an custom UI.

    Is there any VSL workaround to do it (compute these values) ?


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