Difference between 3DXML and smg

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  1. Jeeva3m

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    Hi everyone,

    I want to know the use, extension and the difference between 3dxml and smg?
    Where should we use these two?
    I know i little bit about 3dxml, want little more clarification on both these formats.
    Could you please help!


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  2. tomy

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    3dxml is a format by Dassault Systemes. Just like KMZ files, renaming the extension to .zip reveals it's contents. Inside the zip folder, there are always at least two required files: the Manifest (called Manifest.xml) and the Root (which can have various names and is often also in XML format). The Manifest files, Manifest.xml, when opened, is in XML format, and has only a single tag giving the location of the Root 3dxml file (redundant, I know.) However, depending the SchemaVersion of the 3dxml file, the Root may contain all of the data or very little data at all.

    In SchemaVersion 3.0, the Root often contains all of the textures (encoded in Base64 in tga, png or jpg format, depending on if the texture is transparent or not and the program that made the 3dxml file) and geometry data. In fact, in SchemaVersion 3.0, the Root contains virtually everything.

    In SchemaVersion 4.0 or 4.1, the textures are seperate jpg or png files within the zipped folder. The geometry are also saved in separate files in BSRep format. I believe this is a format created by Bitmanagement Software, though I'm not certain. The only job of the Root file is to show which textures go on which BSRep files/geometries, and where these files are in comparison to each other. You may also find two other 3dxml files. These 3dxml files within a 3dxml file are for the shader settings, which wasn't a feature of v3.

    I have never seen a SchemaVersion under 3 or over 4.1.

    Although 3dxml is open source, the code itself isn't very well documented, likely because they only want their softwares to be able to open it but still have open source as a selling point. In general, most Dassault Systemes programs can read or write 3dxml files.

    As far as SMG files go, all I know about them is that they are produced by SolidWorks and can be read by 3dvia's Cloud, and are generally larger than 3dxml files. Sorry I don't know much else but I don't own a copy of SolidWorks so I could not tell you the difference.

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