3DVia Studio does not load my 3dvia.com object?

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  1. kabakibo

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    hello all,
    I have this model that does not load in Studio and I don't know why:
    This model was created in Catia V5 like all the other models I have in my library, and they load very well in 3Dvia player. would you or someone please let me know what might be the problem with this particular model?
    Thank you

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  2. iainB85

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    Hi, this model loaded into Studio for me -- it just has a bad pivot and is very large. Try scaling the local scale down to 0.01 then selecting the object and hitting "E" to focus on it -- you should be able to find it!

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  3. tomy

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    I had the same problem once, just wasn't zoomed in near enough. I hit "z" like it said to in Cliff's tutorial but that deleted the model. ARRRGH! I figured it out somehow.

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  4. camille

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    Be carefull when hitting Z and E, to test the MainCamera (or a camera you'll have imported) and to set a proper Near/Far Clip. The Authoring Camera sometimes doesn't fit the requirements in terms of Far Clip to allow you to see a large large large model

    Posted 5 years ago #


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