Shadow Battlecrab class Heavy Cruiser

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Uploaded by smike 21/04/2008 12:57:14

This is the Shadows biggest ship the “Battlecrab” seen in many episodes of Babylon 5……
Armed with is heavy slicer beam and Fighter Bombs it is a dangerous foe…
The Shadows ships is living creatures with a human telepath implanted in the head section of the ships as the ships pilot..
this human is connected with a lot of spiderlike strings to the nerve center of the ship…….. this also means that when the ship is hurt the pilot feels the pain of the ship… i have made a window on the top of the ship so the pilot can be seen –
NOTIS this windows is not seen on the original pictures from the show

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  • Original file format:3ds
  • Surfaces:246
  • Triangles:81201
  • Vertices:145672
  • Textures:2
  • Created with:3DS 3.0
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jdelrio wrote...
over 8 years ago

I think this could look really good in a cinematic! But first, I noticed a few things you can fix really quickly. There is a separation between the top layer and the bottom 2 layers of the crab, easily fixed by moving either group closer to the other. There is also some texture streaking on the forward “legs” that take away from the feel of “realism”.

smike wrote...
over 8 years ago

ok had axtually seen the gap between the top and bottom part but didnt think about it was so noticable..
loking in to the textures…..

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