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- Templates for creating your own custom colonial – Contains four main colonial house variations – garage for left or right side of house – extra room extension for left or right side of house – fireplace (soon) – window variations – door variations – garage door variations

To use the template – open in Shape – copy and paste (ctrl-c / ctrl-v) one of the base houses – Secret tip for aligning extensions – copy and paste any of the extension rooms – IMPORTANT !!! BEFORE you left click to place the extension hit the space bar – yellow dots will show up on the model showing all the anchor points – select the dot that is in the middle of the line on the side of the extension that would be at ground leve (not the bottom line) – now drag the extension to the side of the house until it snaps to the middle of the house at ground level ( you may have to ALT+mouse to rotate the view) – texture as desired – use the provided windows, doors or shutter images from the ‘big box’ to replace the windows/doors/shutters on the existing house – hint just copy and paste the image from the box to the house – delete all extraneous extensions and houses – publish

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  • Original file size:1.3 MB
  • Original file format:3dxml
  • Surfaces:501
  • Triangles:2384
  • Vertices:3050
  • Textures:28
  • Created with:3DVIA Shape V2.0
  • Usable in 3DVIA Shape

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