3DVIA Top 10 models – 033

The best models uploaded to 3DVIA.com during the week of Saturday, June 13th through Friday, June 19th are highlighted here. This is the 33rd post with the purpose of bringing models to your attention that we all may have missed during the week. Be sure to read the comments on each model as you visit them and add your own thoughts and a rating too! Just to see if anyone actually reads this intro anymore, I will give special mention in the 34th Top 10 to anyone who sends me a message using the link at the end of this post. You just have to have fun when you can :)

Easy links to the previous Top 10 lists: 001002003004005006007008009010011012013014015016017 -018019020021022023024025026027028029030031 – 032

Just so everyone knows, the order that the Top 10 are displayed is based on color, type of model and how I’m feeling, not any particular ranking. I just rearrange them until I like the way it looks. It’s as simple as that!

Be sure to check out the models that received Honorable Mentions too!

Our users live all over the world, so I include in my comments where each modeler is from. It’s great that language and distance are not barriers when we’re all sharing in 3D! (Modelers may choose not to share where they are from, so some countries of origin will remain a mystery.)

The Top 10:

Sound of Purity, by XQH_XXX, is a wonderful model that uses 3DVIA Shape to tell a simple, yet complicated story. The purity of water drops into a pool sets up some pretty amazing studies in fluid physics. 

Simple is not always as simple as we think and there is much beauty to be found in the world of mathematics. In fact, without the wonders of mathematics, 3D modeling wouldn’t even be here for us to have fun with! [XQH_XXX is from India]

Everyday Inn by prolithic brings back so many memories of car trips across the US with four of us kids in the back seat. As the day’s travel was nearing its end and we headed down the main street of wherever it was we were staying that night, four sets of eyes were eagely seeking out the motels that had a POOL and COLOR TVs.

Whenever we saw one, the whining would begin – “oooh, we’re so hot” – “a swim would really be great”…of course, we stayed hot more often than not :). Thanks prolitic, for bringing all that good stuff back! [prolithic is from Australia]

Fishman, by Prip, is kind of creepy and really neat at the same time. It’s a great concept and is nicely executed. 3D helps let the mind stretch in new ways. [Prip is from Mexico]

Rodd’s description says it all “Second floor of a house, designed by my daughter and her friends. They really worked hard on this, after getting some basic instruction on how to search for models and photos, and how to place these into the room model.” 

I absolutely love the giant murals! It seems like the second floor would be the only place to be in that home. You can find Second Floor at rhalstead‘s account. The real creators used 3DVIA Shape. [rhalstead is from the US]


From murals of ducks to Soviet helicopters, textures show that they make really can make the difference between good and great! MIR MI-24V Helicopter Gunship / Transport – Tigershark by smike is another beauty that he modeled using Google SketchUp

Go to the model and then go to his presentation link, which is a great addition to the model itself. It’s like a guided tour by smike himself, so that you won’t miss any of the amazing details. [smike is from Denmark]

By the way, this is the 33rd Top 10 and coincidentaly smike has been in the Top 10 27 times and in the Honorable Mentions another 6 times for a total of 33 – the most of anyone on the site!! Congratulations smike! Today’s inclusion makes it 34! 

This looks a wonderful Neighborhood to live in! It was created by prashatsonar using 3DVIA Shape. Pool party anyone?

I don’t think that there are enough superlatives for Храм Покрова Богородицы by ibursevich that would praise enough the attention to detail and dedication needed to model this amazing edifice using CATIA V5.

It is just a staggeringly beautiful example of this architectural style! Fantastic job! Zoom in and around it and you will be amazed at every turn. [ibursevich is from Russia]

From the Russian northern climate we move to the American desert, both real and imagined in On The Way to Monument Valley by abu_roadking. Using 3DVIA Shape, he has created a great mix of models with a beautiful backdrop (for those of us who love and crave being in the American southwest).

His later versions also include elements of the movie Cars to make it even more fun! [abu_roadking is from India]

Gold Clock, by ibursevich, is another example of his meticulous modeling of classically elegant forms using CATIA V5. It’s great that the mechanics of the clock are the star of this story! 

Here engineering beauty can be properly appreciated. [ibursevich is from Russia]

ULC-DH-Hangar-KPL is a small part of the fantastic logistics world being created by alfredix. This model is so complex that he had to decimate the trucks to the level of toy-like appearance in order to maintain the overall concept and still be able to upload it. You just have to visit his models page, models and then read his descriptions to fully understand how complex the whole xoncept is.

Alfred creates his models using Pro/E and then converts them into STEP format for uploading to 3DVIA. [alfredeix is from Germany]

Due to the continuous challenge of narrowing the number of great models uploaded each week down to just 10, I include five Honorable Mentions to spotlight even more modelers!

Honorable Mentions:

QZR Tortoise was created by qzr_3dp using 3DVIA Shape and you can’t help but smile too when you see this happy tortoise!

The guys are getting close to being finished with their Bugatti EB 16.4 Veyron (w.i.p.)Wacov, Mr. Planet, JaViXP, and Rogue are using Google SketchUp on this collaborative project.

Water Lilies, modeled by XQH_XXX using 3DVIA Shape, is a virtual restful spot of beauty in the midst of the hectic 3D world. I think I can hear the bees buzzing… [XQH_XXX is from India]

Water Tap, by XQH_XXX, was also made using 3DVIA Shape and just the right textures. [XQH_XXX hasn’t moved. He is still from India]

Transparency…., like all of Datsh’s models, invites a much closer look to revel all the beautiful worlds within worlds. Datsh used 3DVIA Shape. [Datsh is from Sweden]

Here’s a brief recap of what I look for when I select the “Top 10″ and “Honorable Mentions”:

Variety – One of the most important factors. I try to show models created using lots of different software products and showing lots of different ways of using 3D. I include brief comments on why I chose each model.

Creativity, unusual subject matter and humor – These are big factors. We should all be having fun and feel free to model our passions!

Models must be uploaded by the original modeler – Many times I find models that I think will add to the community and will upload them with credit given to the modeler. These and other models that I can’t be reasonably sure who modeled them (for example – commercial models) are a welcome addition to the 3DVIA community, but the goal of the “Top 10″ is to encourage individual modelers and reward their special creativity.

Models entered in the 3DVIA Challenge contests will not be considered – They’re already getting plenty of attention and I want to spotlight models we may have missed.

There is no reward given – Other than the satisfaction of being noticed, spotlighted and being brought to the attention of more modelers. In my personal experience, the pleasure of having my work appreciated is the ultimate reward anyway.

Your comments are always welcomed and encouraged! Your responses will help the modelers and the 3DVIA community as a whole. Feel free to bring other models to my attention and let me know why they attracted you. (PLEASE NOTE: In order to make it easier to explore, all photos are linked directly to the model’s page.)

One final note of caution: these are my choices (dswavely) and my choices alone. So, aim the tomatoes appropriately.

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  1. Thanks for including me Don. Those are great pictures from the inside of my building.

    • You’re welcome Alfred. Your project is just amazing :)

      Thanks for the compliments on the shots. I really enjoy exploring and trying to get good shots, so that folks are more interested in exploring themselves.

      Now, on to trying to get the rest of the tank pictures uploaded!

  2. Congrats to all the modeler included in top10 for this week. I am so amazed to see that there are total of 5 models included in top-10 + honorable mention from my group (sound of purity, neighborhood, tortoise, water lilies, water tap)

    Special congrats to smike for getting included for the 34th time in this blog. He is awesome with helicopter/gunship models.

    Don you are doing a great job in identifying the models we actually missed. Just now (for the first time) I noticed at the end of this blog that – these are my choices (dswavely) and my choices alone aim the tomatoes appropriately. LOL!!! :)

    • Thank you Parth,

      Your group is indeed doing a great job with imaginative and varied modeling in 3DVIA Shape! The rest of us learn from your models and concepts.

      Smike is an amazing guy! What else can you say :D

      Thank you for also bringing up the fact that the whole Top 10 thing is something that I started to help recognize the users each week. Because the choices are entirely my own, everyone knows exactly where the “blame” lies when they are not happy with the choices. I do try to mix it up as much as possible to keep it interesting and to point out things that can help modelers have fun and make good models.

      For those who like statistics; in the first 32 Top 10 posts (320 models) there were 169 different modelers represented. For the Honorable Mentions (150 models – the first two posts did not have Honorable Mentions) there were 114 different modelers represented. I think that shows quite a breadth and depth of talent here at 3DVIA – Bravo!

      • Yes I agree Don. Theres quite few talents to watch out for & it is really not easy to keep pace with new modeler, new concepts but you are doing great. So I believe its a great way to appreciate the models created by new users (people who may not be experienced but have the ability to create amazing models). Its really give new energy to create more when people notice & appreciate your creation.

        • Thanks for helping to make it a challenge to keep up :D

          It’s really exciting to see what people upload! Sometimes I print them out and run around the office showing everyone :P

      • That means (on average) eight new users were introduced in each top ten up to number 32. Impressive!

        • I never looked at it that way, tomy, but that is impressive. When I’m making my choices I get into a bizarre frame of mind and usually don’t even notice who made the model or what modeling tool they used. But I am always looking for those models that bring a new perspective or demonstrate a key principle of what makes 3D modeling fun AND important :D

  3. many many thanks don and xgh_xxx for the very fine words about me…
    and for including me once again in the weekly models spotlight..
    this weekly top 10 is always something i look forward to to see which models you now has selected..
    you have a good sense don for picking the models to the top 10 covering all aspects of 3d modelling.

    • You are welcome smike – it is always a treat to see one of your models and explore it. I really like the way that you’re providing a link to a more thorough exploration of the model, so that even first time visitors (who may not know how to move around in the model using our tolls) can get a good appreciation of the work that you do!

      Thank you for the kind words too!

  4. Hey Smike…

    Congrats for yet another Top10 entry… I always knew that you would be the top-scorer here… the person with highest number of models would naturally have most number of Top10 entries…

    But this is not just statistical thing, each of your model could very well be a potential Top10. I say this because it shows in all your works… the detailing, textures, small things here and there, even describtion of the models… there are very few who could equal Smike on these counts…

    I’m sure most of us will agree…

    And smike is good at modeling many other things apart from choppers and gunships… check out is creations in Featured Artist entry ( http://www.3dvia.com/blog/3dvia-featured-artist-michael-petersen/ ) as well as his other models (from his homepage)…

    Congrats once again Smike :)

  5. As Don usually says “you do the hard work, i just put them up here (on Top10)”…

    On similar lines I have a statement on my entry Top10 entry this time…. “The individual creators did the fine job, Great infact, I just play around and use them to get to the Top10s” hehehe…

    Jokes apart… It’s the individual models here that make up this great scene… Without the tools (3DVIA Shape) and the resources (those lovely ‘shared’ models), creating something like this is simply impossible… even if the ideas are mine, I can’t build the scene until the building blocks are in place :)

    So it’s my duty to congratulate all the contributors who made “On the Way to Monument Valley” possible… prolithic, MoabUT, Smike, mgbaron, Romain, StephaneV, mdigregorio, wirecase for their creations… Don, tomy and sady for the models that they shared even if they did not created them…

    And Don, it’s not just we who do a good job and hard work… You, too, do a great job of bringing this Weekly Feature of 3DVIA to encourage other modelers!!! These are my “tomatoes” for you :)
    [btw, did you ever get the other tomatoes :D just curious hehehe]

    • Thanks, Abu, for sharing the credit with all of the other modelers! The fact that you can easily and quickly create your own vision using 3DVIA Shape and the available models is my favorite part of it. I actually have a list of crazy ideas to do in Shape (if I ever have time) because it is so much fun!

      Thank you for your kind words too. I’ll have to check my stock of tomatoes :P

  6. Oh. That w.i.p looks much better in fresnel shader!


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