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What is 3DVIA Studio?

The most common question we receive lately is: “What is 3DVIA Studio?”.  The answer is not easy, as it depends on who is asking.  3DVIA Studio is something different depending on if you are a programmer, an artist, a designer, a 3D modeler, or an engineer. The short answer is:  3DVIA Studio is a 3D […]

3DVIA Virtools Webinar: Lazy Raiders: Using 3DVIA Virtools for XBLA

Video recording of the Virtools Webinar recorded on March 18th, 2010. Lazy Raiders: Using 3DVIA Virtools for XBLA Learn how Sarbakan Game Company used 3DVIA Virtools to bring its latest title, Lazy Raiders, to Xbox LIVE Arcade. From concept to design and prototyping to publishing, Rejean Rioux, Sarbakan’s senior 3DVIA Virtools programmer, will go over […]

Partner Presentations from GDC

We were fortunate to have many great partners on hand at GDC to discuss their success using 3DVIA Products.  We captured most of the presentations for you to see: The “Best of GDC” 2-minute video Overview of the show: Billions: The Making of the First Game Built on 3DVIA Studio by Klaus Lyngeled of Zoink […]

3DVIA at SIGGRAPH 2009 Wrap-Up

Following up from our week in New Orleans, where we showed-off some new technology, met a lot of new people, and our many of our guests played the Subsurface game…many times! In case you missed it, or want to see it again, we have some highlights from our booth in the following video, and some […]

3DVIA Virtools Webinar 2: Virtual vs. Classic Training Webinar

This recording of the Virtools Webinar presented on 7/29/09 by Maxime Jacottin covers: Why virtual training? Advantages of virtual training Examples of a successful virtual application LIVE virtual training demo

3DVIA Virtools Webinar 1: Rapid Game Prototyping and Development

This recording of the Virtools Webinar presented on 7/22/09 by Pierre Emmanuel CHAUT (Product Evangelist, Electronic Entertainment) and Virgile DELPORTE (Vice President, Electronic Entertainment) covers: How 3DVIA Virtools bridges the gap between artists and engineers Key Concepts and references of 3DVIA Virtools Myths about 3DVIA Virtools Tips and tricks for building games with 3DVIA Virtools […]

Video – Virtual Reality Becoming a Practical Reality

If you are like me, and get jazzed about new technologies, especially 3D and Virtual Reality (VR), then you MUST check out these videos.  Over 20 short videos (most under a minute) showing the latest new technologies in VR, hosted by one of the leading experts in VR, our own David Nahon.  These were all […]

Art and 3DVIA Virtools: Superfluidity by Electronic Shadow

Where art, science and 3DVIA Virtools meet to make one very cool online experience, here is a little gem called “Superfluidity” from the duo at Electronic Shadow.  It is an audio and visual artistic piece  where users can interact with each other in real time and experience each other’s changes.  Check it out on the […]

Video – How to Make a Game in 60 Days with 3DVIA Virtools

More great material has rolled in from this years very successful GDC 2009 for 3DVIA.  Here is an excellent video covering how Little Chicken game company produced the Subsurface demo game in 60 days with a team of only 6!  Subsurface is the evaluation and demo game produced with 3DVIA Virtools. The camera guy and […]

Live Video at Laval Virtual 2009 from 3DVIA TV

UPDATE: Both the show and the live feed are now over and we appreciate your stopping by to watch the fun at Laval Virtual 2009. You can always stay and enjoy the fabulous collection videos from our 3DVIA TV vault that we put up when the live feed is down? This is the live video […]

Love Virtual Reality? Visit 3DVIA at Laval Virtual 2009

Although it may not be the Holodeck on the Enterprise just yet, Virtual Reality is about as close as you can get.  Virtual Reality represents one of the coolest areas of the 3DVIA product line and it will be on full display at the center of the VR world in this year’s Laval Virtual Reality […]

Play Subsurface Online

Those of you who went to the Game Developers Conference (GDC) and stopped by the 3DVIA booth may have seen us demo a game called Subsurface. Many of you played this game (three players won a Wii) and asked whether there were plans to post a playable version online. After hearing the overwhelming requests for […]

GDC 2009 is Now History! 3DVIA had an excellent show!

3DVIA once again exhibited at the Game Developers Conference and this year and we brought you into the booth with us live. GDC 2009 is Now History! We had an excellent show and thank you for taking the time to watch 3DVIA live. You can catch many of the pictures from the show on Flickr.

Check Out 3DVIA at the Game Developers Conference, GDC 2009

It is going to be a big week for the 3D industry with the 2009 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.  If you are heading to the show, please stop by and say hello at the 3DVIA booth (#5738 North Hall).  Not going to GDC?  Check out the daily blog post here, our live booth […]

Virtual Reality Competition: Win 3DVIA Virtools, a 3D Projector, and VR Fame!

Dassault Systemes is running a new Virtual Reality competition open to the general public. The aim is to promote the design and production of new multi-platform VR programs for the public.  VR Experiences challenges you to create your own project for online broadcast and the largest 3D screen in the world, La Geode!   This […]