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3DVIA Studio April Update (2.10.74) iV, Sound, Solidworks file handling!

The April update to 3DVIA Studio (2.10.74) is so jammed packed with greatness, that we had to break up the announcement into 2 parts! You’ll find something for everyone in this release. Crafty users will be able to discover all of the new features immediately. This week we are announcing the following additions: Immersive Virtuality […]

Let’s Go Design, Behind the Scenes

A few of us from 3DVIA had a great opportunity to team up with Jeremy and the entire Let’s Go Design team at SolidWorks, on their Ultimate CAD Chair project. We were very impressed at the amount of work that was involved in not only building this custom chair, but documenting the progress, taping the […]

3D CAD + 3DVIA Studio = Cool Apps!

“3D Modelers” usually fall into three major groups: 3D Design Engineers (CAD design) 3D Artists/Animators (Digital Content Creators – DCC) Architects/Interior Designers However, all three groups of “3D Modelers” use very different software tools, and rarely do you see much overlap, as 3D software is built specifically by industry. HOWEVER…when it comes time to communicating […]

Best of SolidWorks World 2010

SolidWorks World 2010 was a great event! This was my first SWW ever, and I was extremely impressed with the presentations, the strong community of users, and how well organized the event was.  It was great to speak to so many users, and meet other SolidWorks and Dassault Systèmes employees.  From my perspective, there were […]

3DVIA People: Jon Hirschtick of SolidWorks

I had the opportunity to sit down with Jon Hirschtick (founder of SolidWorks) to talk about SolidWorks, 3DVIA, and to pick up a few Blackjack tips from the expert.  Most anyone in the 3D design and CAD industries know of Jon, if not for his great interest in innovations in Manufacturing design software, but for […]

Cliff’s Clips: The Best Way to Share Your 3D CAD Designs

When designing a new product or concept, and need to show the concept to other members of our team (Marketing, Management, Graphic Design, Sales, Customers, etc.) we often have to deal with exporting many formats, both 3D and 2D images.  However, downloading your 3D models to 3DVIA is a “one-stop shop”, as everyone on the […]

3DVIA Featured Artist – Mark Biasotti

Mark Biasotti is quite well known within the SolidWorks community for his mastery of the complex surfaces often needed to design and manufacture many consumer items. As an Industrial Designer, he was always working to make the products fit our needs and our physical capabilities. When we pick up a product and it just feels […]

3DVIA Featured Artist – Rob Rodriguez

Rob Rodriguez has earned a place for himself as an expert in photo-realistic rendering in fields quite different from the gaming and entertainment worlds. Rob’s expertise is used to help people visualize and make decisions before they make real products. From the architecture we live with to the products that we hold in our hands, Rob’s skills make the things […]