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3DVIA Top 10 3D Models – 140 – Four Years!

Time to party! This Top 10, #140, marks four years of gathering the best models uploaded to 3DVIA. That means over 1,400 models and close to 700 individuals have been recognized and spotlighted as the best. Congratulations to all of you for contributing such great models. I hope that we all can continue to share […]

3DVIA Top 10 3D Models – 139

Getting from here to there is the dominant theme this time. From a big honking truck to several svelte futuristic vehicles with shoes, toys and intake manifolds in between. Take to the skies in the Kalisto airship or head for space in the Blue Falcon. When you feel like a little time off from traveling […]

3DVIA Top 10 3D Models – 138

Futuristic concepts and models dominate the Top 10 this time around. You can stay earthbound with some show-stopping transportation or head for outer space for even more adventures. If you choose to stay here on Earth you can still cruise in style to a beautiful home or elegant urban or rural buildings. Jump on board […]

3DVIA Top 10 3D Models – 137

From deep outer space construction to deep sea diving we’ve got you covered this time. Toss in some beautiful homes to live in and several ways to get to them and add just a pinch of humor to end up with a delightful blend of Top 10 ingredients. Hope you’re hungry! The ten best 3D […]

3DVIA Top 10 3D Models – 136

Variety is one of the things that I always look for in the Top 10. This week we have models from inside our own mouths all the way to the outer reaches of space. The fantastic imagination and quality of the models continue to amaze me. Take a trip and explore each model carefully. You’ll […]

3DVIA Top 10 3D Models – 135

Water, sculpture and power are the driving forces this week. Explore new worlds in and on the ocean. Enjoy the thought-provoking sculptures resulting from amazing 3D modeling. Imagine the power of two supercars, a race car, a tank or the highly tuned parts of a race car engine. It’s all there. Now we just need […]

3DVIA Top 10 3D Models – 134

Elegant luxury is found everywhere in this Top 10. From super yachts to super cars and elegant dinners, there are many ways to indulge yourself. For the more adventurous amongst you, we have a hefty helping of urban settings to explore and several vehicles for the air, land and sea! Just watch out for the […]

3DVIA Top 10 3D Models – 133

Fun is a big factor in this month’s Top 10. You can go a zillion miles an hour, take a swim, blow things up, get shot into the sky, party hard, explore an amazing cityscape, be enthralled by the elegance of a granary or relax all by yourself with the most comfortable headphones you’ve ever […]

3DVIA Top 10 3D Models – 132

3D modeling is at its best when it is explaining a plan or a process. You can’t beat this outstanding batch of models for doing that and more! Whether it’s the cockpit of a helicopter or the bowls you use for cooking and storage, you’ll learn and understand more in 3D. Concepts come to life […]

Tips & tricks for building complex 3D models: Featuring 3DVIA Modeling Community Member “smike”

The 3DVIA Modeling Community has many highly qualified modelers who demonstrate various ways to create model geometry and textures. One of the best is smike, who has been a 3DVIA Featured Artist, had his work included in 3DVIA’s Best of the Best 2011-2010-2009, as well as numerous 3DVIA Top 10 3D models posts. Smike’s work […]

3DVIA Top 10 3D Models – 131

We’re definitely going places this time around with the Top 10! Whether you want to get there in a car, bus, ship, or even a dirigible – we’re ready to go. Just be careful around the trailer full of explosives if you’re on the way home or to visit the Grand Palais! The ten best […]

3DVIA Top 10 3D Models – 130

Hold on to your hat if you get close to the fury of sound from the blue roadster or take a ride in the exquisite yacht! If you’re feeling elegant, pick up your luxury bag after appreciating the gorgeous flower arrangement and head out. You have two choices of beautiful homes and two wonderful places […]

3DVIA Top 10 3D Models – 129

Inside or outside, moving or stationary, hot or elegant, wild or relaxing – we’ve got you covered! Pick up that fiddle and get a move on to see this week’s 10 best! The ten best 3D models and one 3DVIA Scene uploaded to 3DVIA.com during the weeks of Saturday, December 17th through Friday, December 30th, […]

3DVIA Top 10 3D Models – 128

There are THREE 3DVIA Scenes in addition to the 10 excellent models this week! Think of them as a holiday bonus. :) More and more modelers are seeing the value of putting their models along with other free models from the 3DVIA model collection into a 3DVIA Scene to give their viewers a way to […]

Turn Your 2D Logo into a 3D Logo

This 3DVIA Shape tutorial shows how easy it is to build a 3D logo from a 2D logo using 3DVIA Shape. Within minutes, you can have a great looking 3D logo, which can be stored on 3dvia.com, and easily accessed by anyone to used. For more detail on functions used in this video, see the […]