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3D Model Hosting Benefits for Design Engineers and Artists

The term “3D Modeling” refers to two different things, depending on whether you are speaking to a Design Engineer (Mechanical Engineer, Product Designer), or a 3D Artist (3D Animator, Digital Content Creator, 3D Game designer). These two types of 3D Models saw little overlap 10 years ago, but today, engineering designs are often used in […]

Introducing 3DVIA on Your iPhone! Try 3DVIA Mobile Free

If you have an iPhone, you must download this App. If you don’t have an iPhone, you may want to pick up one, just for this App.  Seriously, this is that cool! We have developed our first iPhone app for 3DVIA, which allows you to view and inspect any public 3D model from the 3DVIA.com […]

Watch 3DVIA LIVE from SIGGRAPH 2009

It’s a big week for the world of computer graphics with the annual SIGGRAPH 2009 convention this week in New Orleans, LA and 3DVIA will be there in style.  If you are attending the convention this year make sure to stop by the 3DVIA Booth ( #3009 ).  We’ll be demonstrating the latest 3DVIA products […]

Announcing 3DVIA.tv!

Believe it or not, 3DVIA now has our own online television station – 3DVIA.TV!  We’ll not exactly, but we now have a site dedicated to all 3DVIA video content. The launch of 3DVIA.TV is one step in our effort to improve how users discover and learn the benefits of 3DVIA technologies. Consider 3DVIA.TV your own […]

3DVIA People: Bernard Charlès on 3DVIA.tv

Last week our CEO, Bernard Charlès was in town, and stopped by the office to inspire us. See an excerpt from our interview with him on 3DVIA.tv, where he shares his passion for 3D, his vision for 3DVIA, and discusses what you can expect from 3DVIA, as we grow: One quick note:  At the end of the video, Bernard […]

Video – Learn 3D Modeling Techniques and Build a Robot

Want to learn the robot walk?  No, well how about three useful 3D Modeling techniques while building a robot?  This should help with your entry for the Classic Transformers Challenge. Check out this video, and you are sure to pick up some useful modeling tips: Be sure to review all the detailed 3DVIA Shape Video Tips and Tricks […]

Video – Virtual Reality Becoming a Practical Reality

If you are like me, and get jazzed about new technologies, especially 3D and Virtual Reality (VR), then you MUST check out these videos.  Over 20 short videos (most under a minute) showing the latest new technologies in VR, hosted by one of the leading experts in VR, our own David Nahon.  These were all […]

Video – Amazing Video: 5th Grader Creating Ideas in 3D

I have always been a believer that 3D is the best way to communicate and visualize new ideas, and I recently saw this video which is a great example of that belief.  This video shows a 5th grade girl turning her ideas into a very real design within minutes using 3DVIA Shape.  And, she has a live audience.  I […]

Video – 3DVIA People: Juan del Rio

This was a first for me…the opportunity to interview a 3D game character.  Okay, it was really Juan, but he personifies himself as a Space Marine. Juan del Rio is one of our Community Managers here at 3DVIA.  Juan is an expert in the world of 3D, like so many on the 3DVIA team.  This […]

Video – A Quick Tour of 3DVIA.com

3DVIA.com is much more than a warehouse of 3D models, but a thriving community of users, and tools for all 3D enthusiasts.  Watch this short video to see what we’re all about. I will have Cliff’s Clips every Tuesday concentrating on all things 3D! Add your feedback/comments below…

Live Video at Laval Virtual 2009 from 3DVIA TV

UPDATE: Both the show and the live feed are now over and we appreciate your stopping by to watch the fun at Laval Virtual 2009. You can always stay and enjoy the fabulous collection videos from our 3DVIA TV vault that we put up when the live feed is down? This is the live video […]

Love Virtual Reality? Visit 3DVIA at Laval Virtual 2009

Although it may not be the Holodeck on the Enterprise just yet, Virtual Reality is about as close as you can get.  Virtual Reality represents one of the coolest areas of the 3DVIA product line and it will be on full display at the center of the VR world in this year’s Laval Virtual Reality […]