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Born To Be Alive: Learn How to Give Life with 3D

Back in September, we brought you Staying Alive, a 3DExperience built to teach others how to save a life. This month, we’re proud to introduce Born To Be Alive, an interactive 3DExperience that teaches users how to give a life. Couples awaiting their first child will appreciate this interactive experience created to help soon-to-be-parents better understand the challenge of birth […]

Virtual Real Estate Powered by 3DVIA Studio

Have you ever had to choose your future real estate investment based only on a simple 2D plan and a few rendered pictures? Then you know how difficult it is to imagine what it will eventually look like. Together with Explorimmo, a leading online real estate marketplace in France, 3DVIA has made future real estate come […]

Add Life to Your 3D Apps With Animated Characters.

3DVIA has partnered with online 3D animation service Mixamo to offer 3DVIA users 3D animated characters for use in development projects. From athletes to military personnel to animals, over 80 high-end animated characters are now available on the 3dvia.com Store, searchable via a “Mixamo” or “Animations” link from the top-level “Store” tab. All Mixamo animations […]

Presenting 3DVIA Studio Minutes Tutorials

Think 3DVIA Studio looks cool, but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered. Thanks to our 3D Application Developer, Tim, we are now offering an introductory series of one- to two-minute videos 3DVIA Studio Minutes so users can quickly become acquainted with the program. Users will learn the fundamental steps to becoming a […]

3DVIA has returned from GDC 2011

3DVIA is back and energized from the 2011 Game Developer’s Conference. The show was buzzing with excitement and packed with people from all over the world demoing the most innovative products in the gaming space. The show boasted a record attendance of 19,000 industry professionals who flooded exhibitors’ booths. DEMOS The 3DVIA booth’s star player […]

What is The Z?

3DVIA is proud to introduce “The Z,” 3DVIA’s first game development contest using 3DVIA Studio. This year we’re running the pilot of the program, but hope to expand the contest in the future. How does The Z work? Teams comprised of two to four people from participating colleges and universities compete to build the best […]

3DVIA Studio Goes Stereoscopic 3D

3DVIA is proud to announce the addition of a new virtual reality feature to 3DVIA Studio: stereoscopic 3D. With its easy-to-use drag and drop behavior, the stereoscopic 3D feature allows any 3DVIA Studio user to easily create a truly 3D experience in a matter of seconds. See for yourself in the tutorial video below: With […]

3D CAD + 3DVIA Studio = Cool Apps!

“3D Modelers” usually fall into three major groups: 3D Design Engineers (CAD design) 3D Artists/Animators (Digital Content Creators – DCC) Architects/Interior Designers However, all three groups of “3D Modelers” use very different software tools, and rarely do you see much overlap, as 3D software is built specifically by industry. HOWEVER…when it comes time to communicating […]

What is 3DVIA Studio?

The most common question we receive lately is: “What is 3DVIA Studio?”.  The answer is not easy, as it depends on who is asking.  3DVIA Studio is something different depending on if you are a programmer, an artist, a designer, a 3D modeler, or an engineer. The short answer is:  3DVIA Studio is a 3D […]

Partner Presentations from GDC

We were fortunate to have many great partners on hand at GDC to discuss their success using 3DVIA Products.  We captured most of the presentations for you to see: The “Best of GDC” 2-minute video Overview of the show: Billions: The Making of the First Game Built on 3DVIA Studio by Klaus Lyngeled of Zoink […]

The Best of GDC 2010

There was one BIG message at the Game Developers Conference this year, and it was not “motion controllers” or “Mobile”.  3DVIA made a huge impression at the conference, as we released a new game engine, opened a new product, and showed everyone our new 3D game for Facebook:  Billions. Watch my latest video to find […]

Announcing 2 FREE Social 3D Development Apps at GDC: 3DVIA Studio and 3DVIA Scenes

Continuing in the series of updates for the 3DVIA community this week, we are pleased to announce the public beta for both 3DVIA Studio and 3DVIA Scenes – 2 new 3D development applications that open powerful online 3D publishing to anyone.  To put it simply: if you need to create a 3D online game or […]

Art and 3DVIA Virtools: Superfluidity by Electronic Shadow

Where art, science and 3DVIA Virtools meet to make one very cool online experience, here is a little gem called “Superfluidity” from the duo at Electronic Shadow.  It is an audio and visual artistic piece  where users can interact with each other in real time and experience each other’s changes.  Check it out on the […]