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Heart in Your Hand & 3DVIA – Helping Doctors Save Lives

We are always pleased to hear how others are utilizing 3DVIA technology, but when we learned how Heart in Your Hand was putting our products to use, we were both ecstatic and humbled. Specializing in disorders of the heart, Heart in Your Hand (HYH) transforms doctors’ 2D data images (CT scans and MRIs) into 3D […]

3DVIA has returned from GDC 2011

3DVIA is back and energized from the 2011 Game Developer’s Conference. The show was buzzing with excitement and packed with people from all over the world demoing the most innovative products in the gaming space. The show boasted a record attendance of 19,000 industry professionals who flooded exhibitors’ booths. DEMOS The 3DVIA booth’s star player […]

Activate Stereoscopic 3D in 3DVIA Scenes with a Click of a Button

We are pleased to announce yet another fantastic new beta enhancement to the 3DVIA Scenes online application and virtual environment platform.  3DVIA users and their visitors can now experience their creations in full stereoscopic 3D.  All existing and new 3DVIA Scene applications will be automatically upgraded to enable visitors to toggle between regular and stereoscopic […]

AVATAR INVASION! Build Your Own Avatar

After announcing the ability to create custom avatars, there has been one problem, we have created an AVATAR INVASION!  Traffic to 3DVIA Scenes has risen, and all sorts of mischief has been happening within your Scenes.  Everyone has been turning into Avatars, and we can’t stop it!!! See the footage here: Last week, 3DVIA announced […]

Create Google Sketchup Virtual Worlds…for Free

I recently traveled to New York City, and was reminded of the great architecture in the city.  A clash of modern and traditional architecture on every corner.  As you are probably aware, can take a virtual tour of New York using Google Earth, or Bing Maps online, however, if you wanted to take an online […]

The Best of GDC 2010

There was one BIG message at the Game Developers Conference this year, and it was not “motion controllers” or “Mobile”.  3DVIA made a huge impression at the conference, as we released a new game engine, opened a new product, and showed everyone our new 3D game for Facebook:  Billions. Watch my latest video to find […]

Announcing 2 FREE Social 3D Development Apps at GDC: 3DVIA Studio and 3DVIA Scenes

Continuing in the series of updates for the 3DVIA community this week, we are pleased to announce the public beta for both 3DVIA Studio and 3DVIA Scenes – 2 new 3D development applications that open powerful online 3D publishing to anyone.  To put it simply: if you need to create a 3D online game or […]

The Classroom of the Future is NOW!

I disguised myself as a 4th grader to enter a primary school and see how children are using computers and the internet to learn.  I discovered that children are not using the internet just for research, but are learning how to build and use 3D easily with 3DVIA tools.  This generation (ofter referred to as […]

Using 3DVIA Scenes for Virtual Home Remodeling – Part 2

We have some exciting news here at 3DVIA.   Our 3D Web player has expanded to include rich 3D environments which can be created very easily.  3DVIA Scenes allows users to easily add 3D models into a rich 3D environment, on the web. See how I easily created a walk through of my kitchen remodel using […]