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3DVIA Challenge 11: Entertainment Center Champion

Man, you guys don’t make our job easy!  Not only did we have some well made models but we also had some great expressions of ideas in 3D.  Some artistic favorites and some subject favorites, but all Fantastic entries.   Almost everyone in the office had a different pick as to the winner.  But after pulling […]

3DVIA Challenge 11: Entertainment Center Finalists

Welcome everyone to the Voting Round! The staff along with the community will select their favorite to win the covetted Challenge Champion Award!   The voting procedure is detailed on the challenge post so lets get down to it.  Let the Voting Begin! At the end of the week, the judges will add their score to […]

3DVIA Challenge 11: Entertainment Center

  Picking up on the success of the String Instruments Challenge, we continue the musical theme, this time, the  challenge is to build the Ultimage Entertainment Center!  Big speakers, surround sound, giant tv, the works!  Set up a room or just a big chair with some really big headphones, you choose!   So come on and test your mettle against […]

3DVIA Challenge 10: String Instruments Champion

  You would think, choosing a champion would get easier over time, but this was not the case with the String Instruments Challenge. Every single one of our entries was creative, well crafted and looked amazing. Not only that but everyone wanted to be the judges! So after a complete 3DVIA Staff judging period we […]

3DVIA Challenge 10: String Instruments Finalists!

    Welcome everyone to the Voting Round!  Without a doubt we have the best overall quality in the finalists that we have ever had in a challenge, so narrowing down the models was a very tough decision.  I could only bring myself to narrow the field by half!  So here we are, 9 Finalists […]

3DVIA Challenge 10: Stringed Instruments

  We are picking up steam! Our last challenge, 3DVIA Challenge:Snowman, was our biggest yet, and I can tell you guys are ready for this month’s 3DVIA Challenge! We start of the year with the first part of our Musical Instruments multi-challenge: Stringed Instruments.  Harps, Guitars, Violins, if its got a string on it and makes a sounds, you […]

3DVIA Challenge 9: Snowman Champion

2008 ended with a spectacular bang! as our last challenge, Challenge: Snowman drew the largest participating crowd of the year! One entry, however stood out among the many greats, and we the judges along with our Community voters have chosen the end of the Year Champion!   Congratulations Aksakof!  Along with the accolades, you win […]

3DVIA Challenge 9 – SNOWMAN Finalists!

It’s time! The chance to win an Apple iPod touch has had folks working overtime to finish up their entries in the  SNOWMAN 3DVIA Challenge. Even having to wear mittens (it’s hard to use a keyboard and mouse with mittens on!) and braving nasty weather did not deter this hardy group of finalists. Now it’s […]

3DVIA Challenge 9 – Snowman

Following closely on the amazing success of the EPIC Weapons Challenge, in this month’s 3DVIA Challenge you test your mettle against the best of our community!  Thats right, if you win, not only will we give you your own Champion Page, and display you on the homepage, but you will also win something cool for […]

3DVIA Challenge 8: Epic Weapons Champion. JackRED

I’d like to thank everyone for the excellent work submited to this challenge. It was not an easy task to pick one out of the many excellent EPIC Weapons entered into this challenge. And without further delay:     Honorable Mentions Golden Axes Designed By MVComputers   Halberd Designed By Balgin   GrimThrow Designed By T3H_Danger […]

3DVIA Challenge 8: Epic Weapons Finalists!

  What an EPIC turnout for this challenge! We’ve had some amazing entries in the Epic Weapons Challenge and now its time to choose our Champion! Look through all the entries that made it in to the final selection, and vote for the artist that you think made the best model. At the end of […]

With mydeco’s Pure Creativity 2008 Challenge, Make yourself famous!

Mydeco, in partnership with Dassault Systems, is hosting The Pure Creativity 2008 Challenge open to all design students between the ages of 18 and 28 in which you compete for the chance to have your 3D Model made into a prototype using stereolithographic process from Materialise.MGX, win £1,000 cash and get an article with Philippe […]

3DVIA Challenge 7 Champion: Balgin

Balgin has shows some incredible work with his winning entry for 3DVIA Challenge 7: Jack-o-Lanterns .  We were especially impressed with the classical overall look and of course a great pumpkin head!  Everyone join us in celebrating our new 3DVIA Champion! Check out the winning entry below! Congratulations Balgin!!  Everyone get ready for the next challenge!

3DVIA Challenge 8: EPIC Weapons!

The Champion of 3DVIA Challenge #7 has been selected, check out his own Champions page here! This months challenge is a tribute to the Nov 13th release of the World of Warcraft MMO Expansion: Wrath of the Lich King! 3DVIA Challenge 8: EPIC Weapons!   WoW MMO’s expansion: Wrath of the Lich King will be […]

3DVIA Challenge 7: Jack-o-Lanterns!

3DVIA Challenge 7: Jack-o-Lanterns! Welcome Back one and all to the 3DVIA Challenge!  This week we are doing Jack-o-Lanterns.  I lit mine on fire but I don’t encourage anyone to try that unless it’s virtually :). You guys got till October 29th to show us your best, scariest, or detailed pumpkin! No limits on polygon […]

3DVIA Challenge 6: RaceTrace Remix!

The Champion of 3DVIA Challenge #5 has been selected, check out his own Champions page here! This weeks release of 3DVIA Shape 2.0 heralds a new type of Challenge.  A community Remix.  3DVIA Challenge 6: RaceTrack Remix! This week is Shape 2.0 Week and we are doing something special.  We have a racetrack in 3DVIA […]

3DVIA Challenge 5 Champion: MVComputers

Our reigning champion does it again, MVComputers is the winner of Challenge 5: Cell Phones!   Previous winner of Challenge 3: Dragsters and Challenge 1: Military Might, MVComputers is proving to be the member to beat in our challenges.   Do you have what it takes to be the next Champion?  Find out!  Join our next Challenge starting […]

3DVIA Challenge 5: Cell Phones Finalists

We launched our Fifth Challenge in conjuction with our Siggraph 2008 pressence and our Cell phone experience.  We only had 3 entries for this challenge so I think you where all at the tradeshow or afraid to show us your cell phones circa 1980!  We got some good work to review, so the Judges will be […]

3DVIA Challenge 4 Champion: Machdoem

 Rejoice!  Our 4th Champion has been chosen!  Machdoem is the winner of the 3DVIA Challenge: The Luau.  Unlike our last challenge Dragsters, was our widest subject yet, and we had some great entries.  Machdoem won using our new Judging rules, with a score of “7.2”!  His composition had a wide range of objects,  good construction and excellent […]

3DVIAChallenge 5: Cell Phone

The Champion of 3DVIA Challenge #4 has been selected, check out his own Champions page here! This week we start the Challenge anew, from the Siggraph 2008 tradeshow!  Will you have what it takes to be the next 3D Champion? 3DVIA Challenge 5: 3D Cell Phones This week’s Challenge is all about 3D Cell Phones.  Create […]

3DVIA Challenge 4: The Luau Finialists

Its time once again to review the entries for 3DVIA’s fourth Challenge: The Luau.   This challenge has had a much greater scope than our last one, Challenge: Dragsters.  This week we are trying out our new judging rules!  By the end of the week the 3DVIA Judges will have made their decisions and we will […]

3DVIA Challenge 3 Champion MVComputers

The Community has chosen their 3rd Champion in the 3DVIA Challenge: Dragsters.  MVComputers is our first second time winner of the Challenge as chosen by popular vote.  A popular face on our website and a constant contributor, MVComputers is always up for a Challenge! Challenge #4: The Luau has just begun, head over to the Challenge […]

3DVIA Challenge 4: The Luau

The Champion of 3DVIA Challenge #3 has been selected, check out his own Champions page here! This week we start the Challenge anew. Will you have what it takes to be the next 3D Champion? 3DVIA Challenge 4: The Luau This week’s Challenge is titled “The Luau.” Make a tiki torch, beach hut, palm tree’s, roasted pig, […]

3DVIA Challenge 3: Dragsters Finalists

I probably shouldn’t be suprised that so many of you are car fanatics.  Thanks to you 3DVIA Challenge: Dragsters has been our best 3D Challenge to date!  Selecting the Finalists for this challenge was not an easy task, so I got the rest of the office involved.   Congratulations to the lucky finalists of this challenge, go out […]

3D3 International Student Competition

3DVIA Virtools is organizing a competition for students in partnership with Le Cube  and Arte-tv.   3D3 Competition rewards the best student projects using 3DVIA Virtools in the field of real-time 3D3 creation to applaud their technical and artistic prowess.  Any student in a public or private training program that delivers a full diploma are eligible to enter […]

3DVIA Challenge 3: Dragsters

The Champion of 3DVIA Challenge #2 has been selected, check out his own Champions page here! This week we start the Challenge anew. Will you have what it takes to be the next 3D Champion? 3DVIA Challenge 3: Dragsters This week’s Challenge is titled “Dragsters.”  Create a Top Fuel FunnyCar, Prostock, Super Street or any other […]

3DVIA Challenge 2 Champion: Arrigo_Silva

Oh boy this was a close call, after 1 week of competitive voting the 3DVIA Community has chosen their Champion for the Monuments of the World Challenge!  Congratulations to both Arrigo_Silva and MVComputers, they both got the word out to their friends and supporters, each one getting almost 50 votes each! It was back and […]

3DVIA Challenge #2 – Finalists – Vote Now!

 Entries for Monuments of the World are now closed!  We’ve had some excellent and colorful entries this past week, a BIG Thank You to all that participated in this challenge. It is now time to Vote for the 3DVIA Champion! Use the form at the bottom of this post to pick your favorite model from the […]


3DVIA 3D Challenge 2: Monuments of the World

The Champion of 3DVIA Challenge #1 has been selected, check out his own Champions page here!  This week we start  the Challenge anew.   Will you  have what it takes to be the next 3D Champion? 3DVIA Challenge 2: Monuments of the World This weeks Challenge is titled “Monuments of the World”. Create the building, statue, memorial or ruin that […]

3DVIA Challenge 1 Champion: MVComputers

 After a full week of voting, the 3DVIA Community has chosen their first Champion!  The winning entry for the 3DVIA Challenge #1: Military Might contest is: The Tank And here is our Champion! A very active member of the 3DVIA community, MVComputers is also a member of a prominent Unreal Tournament clan!  User Name:MVComputers 3DVIA Member Since:   09.22.2007 […]

Virtual Reality Competition: Win 3DVIA Virtools, a 3D Projector, and VR Fame!

Dassault Systemes is running a new Virtual Reality competition open to the general public. The aim is to promote the design and production of new multi-platform VR programs for the public.  VR Experiences challenges you to create your own project for online broadcast and the largest 3D screen in the world, La Geode!   This […]

3DVIA Challenge #1 Finalists…Voting is Open!

We’d like to start off the finalist’s selection with a BIG Thank You to all participants for making some really great models for our first 3D Challenge. It’s now time for you, our users, to choose who will win and become our First 3D Champion! Use the form at the bottom of this post to […]

Introducing the 3DVIA Challenge – Be the Top Modeler!

Do you think you have 3D modeling skills? 3DVIA is proud to announce its first 3DVIA Challenge – a special bi-monthly contest to prove which of our users has the best 3D modeling skills. Every other week (or so), we’ll announce a new 3DVIA challenge asking you to submit your best work based upon a […]