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Tips & Tricks – 3DVIA Shape Mini-Tutorials

Here are direct links to 34 basic 3DVIA Shape mini-tutorial videos. After the link to the video is a link to a starter model that may help you follow along with the video. Nothing fancy, just the list. Dig in and have fun! 1 How to Box Select – Here is a link to the […]

3DVIA Shape Tips and Tricks

Here are more than 30 video tutorials filled with tips and tricks on how to get the most of 3DVIA Shape’s amazing new features! Check them out now, gather your ideas and start making them real. Refer back here often to be reminded of the wealth of new ways to create 3D models in ways […]

Cause & Effect: Hands on with 3DVIA Studio Webinar

Take 30 minutes on Thursday, June 17 to learn new skills with 3DVIA Studio and have the chance to WIN a $100 Apple® Gift Card* Cause & Effect: Hands on with 3DVIA Studio Thursday, June 17, from 10:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. EDT Speakers: Juan Del Rio & Iain Bissett. Want to get started with […]

What is 3DVIA Studio?

The most common question we receive lately is: “What is 3DVIA Studio?”.  The answer is not easy, as it depends on who is asking.  3DVIA Studio is something different depending on if you are a programmer, an artist, a designer, a 3D modeler, or an engineer. The short answer is:  3DVIA Studio is a 3D […]

Introducing 3DVIA Shape 3.0 with Freeform Deform

The 3DVIA team proudly presents the latest version of our free 3D modeling software 3DVIA Shape (Version 3.0)! It is the most feature rich release to date!  This new version extends powerful “freeform” modeling to everyone, allowing users to create smooth curved surfaces for boats, planes, rockets, or anything within a user’s imagination. Here’s a […]

Tips & Tricks: Uploading to 3DVIA (DCC)

As mentioned in our first Tips & Tricks post, DCC stands for Digital Content Creation.  It is the industry term defining the use of 3D applications like 3DVIA Shape, Maya, 3D Studio Max and XSI  and the creation of 3D content for use in films and real time interactive applications like games and virtual training. […]

The Best of 3DVIA at GDC 09

Thank you to everyone who attended the 2009 Game Developers Conference and stopped by the 3DVIA booth. We had an excellent show: great in-booth attendance and a lot of interest in our products and services. If you weren’t able to make the show, don’t worry, I’ll be recapping the highlights below. The 3DVIA Lineup We […]

Play Subsurface Online

Those of you who went to the Game Developers Conference (GDC) and stopped by the 3DVIA booth may have seen us demo a game called Subsurface. Many of you played this game (three players won a Wii) and asked whether there were plans to post a playable version online. After hearing the overwhelming requests for […]

GDC 2009 is Now History! 3DVIA had an excellent show!

3DVIA once again exhibited at the Game Developers Conference and this year and we brought you into the booth with us live. GDC 2009 is Now History! We had an excellent show and thank you for taking the time to watch 3DVIA live. You can catch many of the pictures from the show on Flickr.

Check Out 3DVIA at the Game Developers Conference, GDC 2009

It is going to be a big week for the 3D industry with the 2009 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.  If you are heading to the show, please stop by and say hello at the 3DVIA booth (#5738 North Hall).  Not going to GDC?  Check out the daily blog post here, our live booth […]

Tips and Tricks: Uploading to 3DVIA

  There are well over two dozen different 3D applications with a variety of tools and complexity in use by 3D artists around the world today. Our website, 3DVIA supports the majority of these programs through a few key file formats and texture formats.  In this series of articles we will discover the best ways […]

3D Engines: Better than a Hemi!

Delving into the software that power our 3D interactive environments or Game Engines can get very technical and daunting.  Considering the number of solutions out there, and the different terminology used to describe them, it can also get very confusing.  In this article we will define what a Game Engine is, a few different types […]

Immersion Techniques in 3D Environments

In games, 3D guided tours, games, environmental demos, games, architectural presentations, games; no matter the scene, the purpose is always to make the user feel like he’s actually in your demo.   To create the illusion of being part of the world, developers use various techniques to maintain the illusion throughout the experience. In this article […]

Shape 2.1 Update

Making 3DVIA Shape even easier! The latest upgrade for 3DVIA Shape, 3DVIA’s free, online 3D modeling software, is now available for download.  Developed to specifically address user feedback, the new upgrade features several key product enhancements, including improved UI for object manipulation. Now 3DVIA Shape users will be able to more easily scale, position, and […]

Using Template Files in Shape 2.0

Why do things more than once? Whatever your passion is in 3DVIA Shape 2.0 modeling, you can create template files like gsmith has and save enormous amounts of time. He shows us how valuable it is to create a single model containing a bunch of common elements that we can then select, copy, re-position and re-texture to […]

3DVIA Featured Artist – Matthew Viets

mvcomputers (Matthew Viets in the non-virtual world) is a regular 3DVIA contributor that many 3DVIA vistors will immediately recognize from his profile thumbnail. Matthew always has something positive to say about other models while uploading a steady stream of his own excellent 3D contributions. He has been our 3DVIA Challenge winner three times! His 3D cell phone, Pontiac […]

Vehicle Design 102: Games

  In my previous blog we talked about individual vehicle design.  In this blog we will explore vehicle design for games. There are a few considerations you must keep in mind when designing vehicles for games, today we’ll cover 3: Mobbing up, Flavor, and Balance. Mobbing up No man is an island, in games, no […]

Vehicle Design 101

   Often once you build a vehicle, you want it to do everything well, to handle any obstacle and take on entire countries by itself!  What started out as a troop transport, is now an amphibious Monster Truck with 8 gun turrets, 18 missiles, 40 rocket launchers and 2 miles per gallon that has the […]

Tips and Tricks for Staying on your Polygon Diet.

From graphics to persistent 3D worlds, there will come a time when you will have to model with a polygon limit.  I’m sure by now you’ve noticed how quickly and silently your polygon count rises as you model.  In today’s blog, I talk about a few ways to help stay under your polygon limit and still end […]

Can Your Model Be Used in a 3DVIA Shape Remix?

The release of our free 3D modeling and publishing software 3DVIA Shape was exciting news. The expanded remix capability allowing users to reuse 3D models pulled from our content library now extends 3D content creation to just about anyone who can handle a mouse and PowerPoint. It is, as they say…just that simple. This is […]

Introducing Shape 2.0!

Drum Roll please…     Introducing 3DVIA Shape 2.0!! 3DVIA is proud to announce 3DVIA Shape version 2.0! With this latest version of our popular free, 3D modeling tool, it is now easier and faster to create, edit and publish any 3D object or scene in minutes. This is made possible with the newly revamped Remix feature! With Remix […]

Shape 101: Understanding What 3D Really Is

As we are thrown into an increasingly computer-savvy world, it seems the term “3D” comes up more and more. Whether it relates to the 3D you might see in the movies, the 3D in a brochure, or something entirely unexpected, 3D is everywhere. While you hear the term and see examples often enough, do you […]

3 – Viewpoint – The making of “Captain Morgan and his Starship Pirates”

In Episode 2 of the making of “Captain Morgan and his Starship Pirates” we explored some basics about drawing lines that user m2morgan64 had to master before he could create his exceptional models using 3DVIA Shape for his game under development. Next, we need to be sure that we really know what we’re seeing. If you are […]

2 – Line Basics – The making of “Captain Morgan and his Starship Pirates”

In Episode 1 of the making of “Captain Morgan and his Starship Pirates” we defined our goal to highlight the creativity that user m2morgan64 has shown as he creates models using 3DVIA Shape for his game under development. One of his latest starships has exceptionally graceful wings: As in any endeavor, he had to start at […]

1 – INTRO – The making of “Captain Morgan and his Starship Pirates”

3DVIA member m2morgan64has been very busy making excellent models using 3DVIA Shape. This is unusual all by itself, but it’s especially unusual because his real goal is to create his own game – “Starship Pirates”! Check out his new “Starship Pirates” group. Without trying, he has exemplified what 3DVIA is all about – trying to […]

Spot the Fake! Walkthrough

I recently posted a 3D Model on 3DVIA that asked you to spot the fake crate from the “real” crate.  I am going to go through the process of how I made it in this blog. Modeling the full detail Crate This was fun to make! A nice simple crate that everyone can make at […]

3D or not 3D, The world of UV editing.

That is the question isn’t it?  After you spend all this time making this wonderful 3D Model, you have to work in 2D space to create the UV’s.  Barbarism! you say?  But its true.  In today’s blog we’ll go into what UV’s are and why they are so important. UV’s UV’s are 2D representations of […]

Poly Flow, The Way of the Modeler.

After my first 2 blogs (Not All 3D Content is Created Equal, Modeling for games, Why does it look so good?) covering the need for and the how to create great looking low polygon models, I thought we could get into some of the techniques used to create models effectively.  Lets look at the Letter D, as its […]

Modeling for games, Why does it look so good?

In my previous blog post we talked about how games need to render everything in the scene at 30 frames per second. To accomplish that you have to make models with as few polygons as possible but make them look just like they were immensely high poly. How is that possible? Baking Textures One way […]

Not all 3D Content is Created Equal

Hey guys and gals, We have a wide variety of content on the site now, and I wanted to go through and detail what these models that we are all making could be used for. This is so in the near future we can start sections dedicated to each discipline. 3D Models are used in […]

Introducing the Latest 3DVIA Shape with Advanced Texture Skewing

We recently released an updated version of 3DVIA Shape that has already hit the blogoshpere.  The key feature of this release is designed to speed up and simplify your modeling workflow – Advanced Texture Skewing.  This enhancement provides the ability to automatically correct the perspective of an image to fit the shape of your model […]

Start with the best – Remix the rest

Remixing is one of the most powerful Shape tools in 3DVIA. When a 3dxml model created in Shape catches your eye, you can use it as a starting point for your own versions and also as a valuable learning tool. A great case in point is the CocaCola truck meticulously modeled by Rguyen. Just a […]

Thinking INSIDE the box

It’s really great when you toss something out there and people start using it the way they think it should be used! One just never knows what people will come up with. mvcomputers has provided us with a great example of thinking ‘Inside the box’. Some of you may have skipped right over an odd […]

Tutorial: Back to Basics with 3DVIA Shape

For my first 3DVIA Shape tutorial, I thought I would go back to basics and pull out one of the starter tutorials from the 3DVIA Shape documentation files. We have tried very hard to ensure that 3DVIA Shape is a product that is simple enough for the average consumer to express their ideas in 3D.  […]

Learn to Walk Before You Run . . . Changing Viewpoint in 3DVIA Shape

Before you create your first 3D model, it is important to have a clear idea of how to move around in 3D. A basic mistake we see many first time Shape users make, is trying to create a model, before they even know how to view that model. We call this mistake “Running before you […]

Introducing 3DVIA Shape Beta

We are proud to announce the availability of 3DVIA Shape Beta, our new and easy to use 3D modeling application that is free to install and use! With just a few clicks, anyone can easily Shape & Share their ideas in 3D. Shape Your Ideas! 3DVIA Shape will bring your ideas to life thanks to […]

New 3D Experiences: TVnima & Diego’s Mudboarding

Two new great 3D experiences this week. With TVnima become the new TV show director! TVnima allows anyone to create a virtual TV news program using their personal media (photos, images, videos). You can add a voice and import media, choose your camera angles and presenter gestures in just a few clicks. Diego Mudboarding Help […]

New 3D Experience: Versailles 3D

Welcome to the most famous french castle. Take a virtual tour of the Royal court and discover recent renovation of the palace. Discover the equestrian statue of King Louis XIV or the historical gate and get architectural information. Go quickly to the experiences page to discover it.

New features update: Search bar, 3D Models listing, Users listing

Recent 3DVIA enhancements:  Search bar: you will now find a Search bar at the top right corner of the website. You have the choice to search in models, users or groups. 3D Models listing: you can now view and sort models by most viewed, most rated, most downloaded Users listing:  view and sort users by name, most […]

Your own picture on the Apple iPhone 3D model

What about putting your own picture on the Apple iPhone? First Download this Apple iPhone 3D model and upload it on your 3DVIA account. once it’s uploaded you can edit the texture. Now how to update your texture? You can edit your texture online by updating an existing texture. 1 . Download the original texture 2 […]

How to put your own picture on a Coke can

What about putting your own label on a Coke can? 1. First Donwload this model 2. then Sign in to teapotters.com (if you don’t have one register here). 3. upload the can.3DS. zip file model 4. once it’s uploaded you can edit the texture Now how to Edit/update your texture? You can edit your texture […]

Download the free of rights Apple iPhone 3D model

Download the free of rights Apple iPhone 3D model like many other models, it’s our pleasure

Editing your texture

What about putting your own label on a Pepsi can? First Download this model and upload it on your 3DVIA account. once it’s uploaded you can edit the texture Now how to update your texture? You can edit your texture online by updating an existing texture. 1 . Download the original texture 2 . Go […]

Interior rendering

Whatever your 3D project is, real-time or realistic rendering, take advantage of the 3DVIA extensive free of rights 3D models choice. Browse Visualize and download in 3 clicks! The main benefits of 3DVIA.com, in comparison to other websites, are that you can check the quality and the textures of the models you are looking for. Here […]