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3DVIA Featured 3D Modeler – Peeter Loomus (petzl)

Peeter Loomus (petzl) is our newest Featured Artist! Here on 3DVIA he specializes in making his models with 3DVIA Shape. Peeter is #12 on the all-time 3DVIA Top 10 winners list and moving steadily upward. He was in the #9 spot in the Best of the Best 2010 and has already been in a total […]

3DVIA Featured 3D Modeler – Nikola Novak (zenox)

Nikola Novak (zenox) imagines big things for himself and then makes them happen! Here on 3DVIA he has been in the Top 10 twenty-one times and is #8 on the all-time winners list. He has had an abnormally difficult path to follow, yet the wide range of his accomplishments will amaze you. But make no […]

3DVIA Featured Artist – Enrrique Perez (perecat1)

From the time that Enrrique (Perecat/perecat1) joined the 3DVIA community in April of 2009, he has been one of the most imaginative modelers on 3DVIA. His creations are wild, yet believable and filled with fantastic details, colors and textures. Enrrique also regularly takes the time to encourage other modelers and to ask good questions which […]

3DVIA Featured Artist – Klaus Lyngeled

Klaus Lyngeled has graciously given us some time from his phenomenally busy schedule to be our Featured Artist! Be prepared to be amazed by both his artwork and his accomplishments: In his own words: I have worked in the game and animation industry for more than 13 years. For a while I worked in the […]

Cause & Effect: Hands on with 3DVIA Studio Webinar

Take 30 minutes on Thursday, June 17 to learn new skills with 3DVIA Studio and have the chance to WIN a $100 Apple® Gift Card* Cause & Effect: Hands on with 3DVIA Studio Thursday, June 17, from 10:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. EDT Speakers: Juan Del Rio & Iain Bissett. Want to get started with […]

3DVIA Featured Artist – Oscar Johansson (mynameisoscarjo)

Oscar (mynameisoscarjo) has been amazing us with his Blender models for some time now. From his earliest uploads to his most recent masterpieces, he just keeps getting better and better. His high poly cars have details that are spot on and excellent surfacing too. He keeps the humor level high and is a highly valued […]

Announcing 2 FREE Social 3D Development Apps at GDC: 3DVIA Studio and 3DVIA Scenes

Continuing in the series of updates for the 3DVIA community this week, we are pleased to announce the public beta for both 3DVIA Studio and 3DVIA Scenes – 2 new 3D development applications that open powerful online 3D publishing to anyone.  To put it simply: if you need to create a 3D online game or […]

3DVIA Featured Artist – Partha Das (XQH_XXX)

Parth (XQH_XXX) is one of the most well-known users on 3DVIA as a leader in the community both in modeling and in exemplifying the 3DVIA spirit of friendliness and helpfulness. Rarely does a day go by that doesn’t include an exciting new model from Parth along with a slew of comments filled with suggestions! Parth […]

3DVIA Featured Artist – Abdullah Shaikh (abu_roadking & trigram_QWQ)

Story telling is one of the oldest known methods of communication between humans. Legends, lessons and just talking with each other is filled with stories that help us to understand our world. Whether the story is oral, written, drawn in 2D, viewed as a series of moving images, or shown as a 3D model  – […]

3DVIA Featured Artist – Tommy Smith (tomy)

3DVIA.com welcomes 3D modelers of all levels of experience. Some users are an inspiration to us because of their long experience and incredible models. Others are an inspiration because they are continually working on improving their skills and welcome comments and help from other modelers while sharing their own tips and tricks. We are also […]

3DVIA Featured Artist – Michael White (toymaker)

Michael White is better known to 3DVIA visitors as toymaker! Michael seems limitless in his choice of model subjects. We just never know what he’ll do next. His models have been featured in twelve 3DVIA Top 10 posts from the very beginning, including – 001, – 004, – 016, – 017, – 018, – 019, – […]

3DVIA Featured Artist – Shannon Sands (sandman14)

Shannon Sands (sandman14) has been rocking 3DVIA’s world with his multitude of incredible guitar models. His models have been featured in Top 10 – 014, – 015 (two models), – 017, – 018, – 020, – 023, – 026, and – 028, and as Honorable Mentions in Top 10 – 022, – 023, and – 024. […]

Video – 3DVIA People: Emmy Jonassen

Meet Emmy, another 3DVIA EXPERT!  Emmy is a 3D artist as well as our Marketing Specialist.  She tells us all about her work, and her passion for 3D, and even reveals her Star Trek Geek side (sorry Emmy, the secret is out).  Make  sure you watch the video to the end! Keep up to date […]

3DVIA Featured Artist – Alfred Schallert (alfredix)

With 218 models (at last count) here on 3DVIA.com, alfredix has become a valued part of our modeling community! His models are always impeccably detailed and usually just the right size to use in 3DVIA Shape, so we can all make our own scenes too. He is always ready with a compliment or a good […]

3DVIA Featured Artist – Corey Papadopoli

  Corey Papadopoli provides us with some great images, project descriptions and comments that all add up to a clear window into how 3D computer modeling is now an integral part of architecture.  Corey has worked in Boston, New York City, Puerto Rico, Seal Harbor, Maine, and Florence, Italy prior to joining Elliott Elliott Norelius in […]

3DVIA Featured Artist – Mark Biasotti

Mark Biasotti is quite well known within the SolidWorks community for his mastery of the complex surfaces often needed to design and manufacture many consumer items. As an Industrial Designer, he was always working to make the products fit our needs and our physical capabilities. When we pick up a product and it just feels […]

3DVIA Featured Artist – Michael Petersen

Michael Petersen is better known to 3DVIA visitors as smike. He is a regular in the weekly 3DVIA Top 10 list and tops the list of users with 234 models in his 3DVIA collection. Smike started both the 3D People Character Figures and Ships – Boats – Vessels groups and, just recently, also started the Squirrels group to add another […]

3DVIA Featured Artist – Matthieu Negrier

Matthieu Negrier is quite a well-rounded 24 year old 2D/3D artist living near Paris in France. For work, he is part of the 3DVIA Web Application Team and in charge of developing Virtools applications. He also works on reconstructing 3D models from photography. For himself; he keeps busy doing 3D modeling, game creation, writing plays and novels, developing web […]

3DVIA Featured Artist – Benoit Caselli

Fasten your seat belts! Benoit Caselli is one incredible modeler! I’ll let him introduce himself:   I live in Gentilly, in the southern Paris suburbs. I have been in an apprenticeship contract for 3 years at Dassault Systemes (DS), where I had the pleasure to work on the CATIA industrialization team and in pre-sales design. I am […]

3DVIA Featured Artist – Rob Rodriguez

Rob Rodriguez has earned a place for himself as an expert in photo-realistic rendering in fields quite different from the gaming and entertainment worlds. Rob’s expertise is used to help people visualize and make decisions before they make real products. From the architecture we live with to the products that we hold in our hands, Rob’s skills make the things […]

3DVIA Featured Artist – Blake Metzler

Blake Metzler is the Associate Director of 3D Animation at the Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University(CDIABU). As a man of many talents, Blake has worked as a teacher (New York Film Academy), writer, director, musician, actor, editor, and master of ceremonies (among other roles). His 3D art has appeared in films, video […]

3DVIA Featured Artist – Peter Anderson

Peter is a Production Artist at Turbine Entertainment working on Lord of the Rings Online Massively Multi-player Online Game.  He’s also worked for Electronic Arts, Sony Interactive and Vivendi Universal on such titles as Bulletproof, Everquest II and James Bond: From Russia with Love.  Along with his professional duties, he also teaches at the Center for […]

3DVIA Featured Artist – Bryan Silva

Welcome everyone to 3DVIA’s first Featured Artist interview!  In these posts we aim to ask industry veteran 3D Artists a few questions and showcase their work for our community members.  Today’s Featured Artist is Bryan Silva.  Bryan  worked for Rockstar New England (formerly MadDoc Software) creating a wide variety of game models and is currently working for Image Movers […]

Iron Man

I have to say that I was a little cautious about Robert Downey Jr. playing Tony Stark but he was excellent in the film and the Iron Man model was amazing.  In this blog we’ll talk a little bit about the suit and what it took to make it real. The Movie The movie was fantastic!  […]