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Moving an entire company into a new space is a costly and time-consuming endeavor. Luckily, Space Database is streamlining the process by combining traditional real estate tactics with 3D technology.

Based in Toronto, Space Database has been providing innovative information management solutions to the North American commercial real estate industry since 1993. With an expansive area of expertise, including CAD drawings, statistical data and area calculations, Space Database has become a well-respected name in the business. Today they manage over 150 million square feet of office, retail and industrial space for an array of clients. Always looking to add more value to the data they host and manage, Space Database recently began developing and utilizing tools to help their customers better market real estate space.

Space Database & 3DVIA on

Space Database mobile app created with 3DVIA Live Marketing App.
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In their quest to improve their customers’ touring experiences, Space Database has pioneered the use of 3D technology as a communication tool. Space Database began incorporating the 3DVIA Mobile App into their clients’ leasing process specifically during walk-throughs so prospective clients can use their iPhone or iPad to orient themselves and see how the various spaces relate to each other. In turn, touring the building achieves a deeper appreciation for the space’s design and possibilities it provides.

In addition to their use of 3DVIA Mobile, Space Database also integrates the 3DVIA Player into their clients’ websites. In one instance, Space Database added the website plug-in to so viewers are able to explore the vacancies at 5580 Explorer Dr. in Mississauga, Ontario. The technology works perfectly on a desktop, but if viewers chose to look at the site on an iPad, they just use the 3DVIA app to seamlessly open the 3D model!

By using our software, Space Database was able to solve the previously difficult task of effectively visualizing available space. They’re happy with the results, as are their clients, and we’re just happy to help!

Try these 3DVIA products yourself:

  • 3DVIA Mobile App – Present your 3D designs on the Apple iPad and iPhone
  • 3DVIA Live Marketing App –  Integrate your images, video and 3D files into engaging, mobile-ready web apps for the Apple iPad
  • 3DVIA Player – Over 30 million people display their 3D models using this player

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