Made with 3DVIA: High Fashion in 3D with EspaceMax

How many times have you bought something online only to return it when it didn’t live up to your expectations? This is the hardest part of online shopping; not being able to actually see the product in action before the purchase.  EspaceMax, the first French online store for private sales of designer brands, is working to solve this problem with the help of 3DVIA.

The shopping site is testing new technology that lets shoppers select one of 3 designer purses (including a Givenchy!) and experience the product online the same way they would in a store.  The product can be rotated a full 360 degrees and zoomed in to view the smallest button or zipper.  Shoppers can also see how the purse will look with their iPhone, newspaper, lipstick, and water bottle inside.  To complete the shopping experience, a lifelike 3D mannequin displays the purse in real-life poses and situations.  All of this was made possible using 3DVIA Virtools technology.

Some online viewers will also get the full 3D experience; the site can be viewed in stereoscopic 3D with the help of anaglyph glasses, which let the user see the products in 3D and decipher special promotion codes integrated into the application. To further tap into 3DVIA technology, the site also launched an iPhone contest based on a light version of 3DVIA Mobile, giving shoppers a chance to win one of the showcased bags.

EspaceMax is viewing this event as a test for how 3D online experiences affect the buying process.  If things go well, they plan on rolling this technology out in a larger luxury goods marketing campaign in 2011.  Stay tuned!!!

Try the 3D shopping experience out yourself on, or check out the site in action below.

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