Create a Custom iPhone or iPad App in Minutes to Market and Promote Your Content

Custom iPhone or iPad Apps

As a start, you can view an example 3DVIA Live Marketing App HERE.

Talking with many 3DVIA users over the past year, one topic has repeatedly come up. People love the 3DVIA Mobile Apps for the iPhone and iPad, but want to know how they can create a customized version.

Materials Needed:

  • A 3DVIA user account
  • Some 3D models
  • 10 minutes of your time

Step 1: Set up your App

Before getting started, you will need some 3D content to be used in your App. If you don’t have any models in your 3DVIA account, you can download and upload the models to your account. [ Room ] [ Lamp ] [ chair ]

You will first set up the way your App will look. Using either the main menu command You->Create an App or on your 3DVIA Dashboard, click the command Create a mobile App.

Step 2: Enter your App information

The information here will determine the overall look of your App.
Title = mobile App name
Description = information describing the app which will show up in the Table of Contents
Cover Image = the image used as the splash screen or cover of the App
Privacy & Permissions
Note:  The Community Group is free to create but anyone with a 3DVIA Account may add content to the group.  If you wish to create a mobile app that only you add content, you can create a Public Gallery.  If you want to create a private app to be viewed only by an invited group of users, you would create a Private Project

Step 3: Add content from your model inventory or upload some models

You should already have some 3D models in your 3DVIA account which will show up in the left column of the content table. Just pick on the models you want to be used in your App. After clicking on the model, the model should be moved to the right column. To remove the model from your App, click on it again in right column.

Step 4: Publish and share your App

Add up to 5 email addresses that you wish to distribute your new mobile App to and click Share

Now go to your iPad and iPhone and view the email. Clicking on the Launch link will run the app.

Congratulations!  You just created your first 3DVIA Mobile App.

Additional Tips

Enhance your models

For the majority of your models, you will want to change the description and add some gallery images on the model page. To update the model, click the model’s preview thumbnail on either the Group Page, your Dashboard or the Search page. Once on the model page, click on the description text and edit. To upload gallery images, click on the Gallery tab and upload.

Set the App’s homepage icon

To personalize the App’s icon on your mobile device, upload or edit your Profile Picture. Use the You->Edit Profile command and then upload teh desired Profile image. This image will be used as the icon when installing the App to your homepage

Re-publish your mobile app

To send your app out to addition people, you can use the Publish as App link on your Dashboard, the Group Page, your Dashboard.

Feedback Wanted

We are always looking for ways to improve our products so any and all feedback or questions are welcomed in our Forum.

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  1. What specifically does it do? Just make it so you can view models a certain way?

  2. So are you guys going to be making an Android version??