Introducing 3DVIA Shape Beta

3DVIA Shape Beta

We are proud to announce the availability of 3DVIA Shape Beta, our new and easy to use 3D modeling application that is free to install and use!

With just a few clicks, anyone can easily Shape & Share their ideas in 3D.

Shape Your Ideas!

Shape your ideas!

3DVIA Shape will bring your ideas to life thanks to a very intuitive user interface that was designed to allow anyone to easily create realistic 3D models.

Share Your Ideas – Online!

Share your ideas!

Once you complete your model, you can share it online with just a click of a button. 3DVIA Shape is designed to publish directly to your profile where it can be shared with the community, remixed and even posted to your blog.

To get started with 3DVIA Shape:

1. Join

3DVIA Shape requires you have a 3DVIA account. If you have not yet registered on yet, click here to create your account now.

2. Install 3DVIA Shape

Downloading 3DVIA Shape is free and only takes a few minutes! The application is available through the ShapeIt tab located on the site. Run the setup application and follow the instructions provided.

When you have completed the installation, you will be asked to login with your 3DVIA account.

3. Create & Share Your First 3D Model

To get you started, we have created a set of video tutorials that will walk you through your first 3D model. You can also read the 3DVIA Shape documentation. The application is simple to use and you should have your first creation started quickly.

When you have completed your first model, make sure the world can find it. Click the publish button to post your model to 3DVIA. You will find your newly minted model under your “My 3DVIA” tab.

Please note – all models are published as “private” by default. If you would like other people to find your model, please set your model to “public” under the “edit attributes” link on the model page.

4. Feel Free to Remix

You don’t want to create a model from scratch? Take a look at the 3DVIA Shape Models collection and feel free to remix any model of your choice.

Remixing a model allows you to modify an existing model of another user and publish it in your own collection (remix rights must be allowed for the 3D model). You can also remix your own model to create alternative designs.

Still have questions?  Please read our FAQ section and don’t forget to send us your feedback through our Support form.

Enjoy and check back here often. We will be publishing tips and tricks on how to get the most out of 3DVIA Shape soon.

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4 Responses »

  1. What is the difference between 3DVIA Shape and what comes with the latest Virtual Earth 3D from Microsoft that I wrote about in this post below?
    Or is it the same thing just that one is bundled with Virtual Earch 3D/Live Search and the other is not?

  2. It is essentially the same application however the key difference is where the applications publish their content. The Virtual Earth – 3DVIA version is used to publish structures (houses, bridges, etc.) directly to Microsoft Virtual Earth.

  3. Could you explain how you actually remix an existing 3DXML model. I have tried drag and drop in 3DVIA Shape, “Open with” 3DVIA Shape, looked everywhere for a prodcedure, but I cannot get 3DVIA shape to start or load an existing model (I must be blind)

  4. At present, Remixing and Editing functionality is limited to models created in Shape. If another user publishes a Shape model with rights to remix, then a Remix link will appear on that model page.

    Your request to extend Shape (to work with all 3DXML models) is something we have heard from other users. Please feel free to let us know what other functionality would be valuable to you.