Heart in Your Hand & 3DVIA – Helping Doctors Save Lives

We are always pleased to hear how others are utilizing 3DVIA technology, but when we learned how Heart in Your Hand was putting our products to use, we were both ecstatic and humbled.

3D Printed model of heart condition

Specializing in disorders of the heart, Heart in Your Hand (HYH) transforms doctors’ 2D data images (CT scans and MRIs) into 3D digital and printed models. In turn, these 3D creations help doctors diagnose patients’ heart disorders before they are operated on and aid students studying heart anatomy. In best case scenarios, doctors can study a model, planning surgery down to the very last detail before a child is even in the operating room. It is this preparation and collaboration between art, sciences and technology that aims to reduce surgical time and provide new life-saving opportunities.

Luckily when doctors need to view a library of 3D heart defect models, they’re only a click away. Since HYH hosts their 3D models on the 3DVIA Cloud, doctors can easily examine them with our interactive viewer on their PCs or iPads. This fast-paced access is crucial, since saving a life is always a fight against time. With 3DVIA technology “doctors are able to provide on-the-fly feedback to an ongoing project”, which “shortens the time from consultation to final heart model,” says Justin Ryan, CIO of HYH. 3DVIA Cloud is also beneficial as an added layer of security for HYH creations, in turn safeguarding the company’s Intellectual Property.

Here at 3DVIA, we are very proud to say we are a friend and partner of HYH. Thanks to the joining of multiple forces, doctors are making better diagnoses, doing better pre-surgery planning, performing shorter surgeries and saving more patient’s lives. And at the end of the day, what greater honor is there than to be able to say you had a small helping hand in saving a life?

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  1. That’s great! Could someone also make 3D models of human embryos because we could really use it.

    • I’m sure that there are a lot of efforts going on that we won’t hear about until they have been proven. It is a growing field. 3D modeling is a big help to understanding our world!