Enhance the way you sell your ideas with 3DVIA Cloud

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In today’s fast-paced world of instant communication, the ability to present your ideas from anywhere, in a way that connects with one’s audience, can be challenging. 3DVIA Cloud’s web and mobile marketing platform has been specifically designed to help professionals overcome this obstacle.

We provide easy-to-use, online apps that seamlessly integrate your product files into interactive and versatile mobile marketing presentations using your existing 3D assets.

Our offer is unique, allowing you to:

* Incorporate and render product files in real-time, 3D (no need for prototypes or physical renderings)

* Add multiple 2D product files
* Customize presentation layouts without design or programming experience
* Present and view from anywhere
* Control access and visibility settings upon publishing

The result is a realistic visualization of your ideas combined with the detailed product information needed to support a more technical conversation.

Over the last several months, many existing customers have utilized our product. From beautiful mobile apps for the Apple iPad to immersive, online multi-user walkthroughs, customers have successfully incorporated the 3DVIA Cloud platform.

Client Stories:

Space Database
Toronto, Canada based Information Management firm offering solutions to North American commercial real estate industry. Began incorporating 3DVIA into their leasing process specifically during walk-throughs so perspective clients could use their iPad to orient themselves and see how various spaces relate to each other.

a-lab Architects helped organize a BIM (Building Information Modeling) seminar in Oslo, Norway to educate business partners (entrepreneurs, building firms, property developers, etc.) on the newest technologies available in the BIM and visualization industry. a-Labs demonstrated how to use 3DVIA Cloud to present client design work and incorporate it into one’s company work-flow.

Bonnie Roskes (Project Spectrum)
As part of Project Spectrum, Bonnie leveraged 3DVIA Cloud to help autistic children communicate and prepare for stressful, real-life situations by virtually experiencing them first in 3D

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