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3DVIA Shape, 3DVIA Scenes and 3DVIA Spotlight to be Retired(1)

March 10, 2014

3DVIA Shape, 3DVIA Scenes and 3DVIA Spotlight will be retired as of April 15th, 2014 and no longer supported.

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3DVIA Studio Public Beta to be Retired on January 15, 2014

The free 3DVIA Studio Public Beta will be retired as of January 15th, 2014. We would like to thank all of the participants in this fantastic experiment to bring game engine level development to everyone. All beta programs must come to an end and we are looking to focus our efforts on providing the best […]

Introducing Our All New 3D Viewing Experience

We have just released a major update to the 3DVIA Cloud application service. The theme centers around the hero of our service; your content! We’ve significantly improved the user interface design of the viewing page so that working with and sharing your content is easier and more engaging. Whether it’s a sales pitch or internal […]

3DVIA Composer Contest: Disrupt Dixon’s Design in 3D

CONTEST Tom Dixon and Dassault Systèmes have teamed up to create the first open design competition based on a modular concept. In a bold move, Tom Dixon will give participants access to the design files of new products, and challenge them to re-configure and remix into different functional objects. The concept is also relying on […]

The Depths of Cloud Storage: A 3D Designer’s Perspective

Cloud applications and storage are revolutionizing the world of 3D, forever simplifying the manner in which 3D professionals create, collaborate and share their work. Long gone are the days of being bogged down by a cluttered inbox and endless stacks of paper-bound revisions; the future lies in the cloud. 3DVIA is a cloud-based service that […]

The New 3DVIA Cloud: Transform How You Market and Sell with 3D!

Your customers are bombarded each day with thousands of marketing messages through articles, emails, phone calls and social media posts. How can you present your message in a way that stands apart from your competitors and connects with your audience in a meaningful way? It may seem overwhelming, but help is on the horizon with […]

Born To Be Alive: Learn How to Give Life with 3D

Back in September, we brought you Staying Alive, a 3DExperience built to teach others how to save a life. This month, we’re proud to introduce Born To Be Alive, an interactive 3DExperience that teaches users how to give a life. Couples awaiting their first child will appreciate this interactive experience created to help soon-to-be-parents better understand the challenge of birth […]

Space Database & 3DVIA – Understanding Real Estate with 3D

Moving an entire company into a new space is a costly and time-consuming endeavor. Luckily, Space Database is streamlining the process by combining traditional real estate tactics with 3D technology. Based in Toronto, Space Database has been providing innovative information management solutions to the North American commercial real estate industry since 1993. With an expansive […]

Heart in Your Hand & 3DVIA – Helping Doctors Save Lives

We are always pleased to hear how others are utilizing 3DVIA technology, but when we learned how Heart in Your Hand was putting our products to use, we were both ecstatic and humbled. Specializing in disorders of the heart, Heart in Your Hand (HYH) transforms doctors’ 2D data images (CT scans and MRIs) into 3D […]

3DVIA Shape Newsletter #16 | Top 3DVIA Shape Modelers, August Model Winners

  Links to the Castlemania Stage Twelve blog post and featured models are listed at the end of the article. Links: – Castlemania Stage Twelve – Gatehouse Work – Automotive Assembly Shop – CMD – NASA Mohawk – Ornamental Buildings – Island – Motherboard – Modern House To receive your own copy of the 3DVIA […]

How to Add 3DVIA Models to Your Coroflot Portfolio

3DVIA recently had the opportunity to team up with Coroflot (Core 77’s sister company), and we can’t lie… we’re pretty excited about it! For those of you who have yet to explore the site, provides creative and marketing professionals with an easy way to publish their work and reach thousands of potential collaborators and clients. […]

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