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Born To Be Alive: Learn How to Give Life with 3D(Comments Off)

January 7, 2013

Back in September, we brought you Staying Alive, a 3DExperience built to teach others how to save a life. This month, we’re proud to introduce Born To Be Alive, an interactive 3DExperience that teaches users how to give a life. Couples awaiting their first child will appreciate this interactive experience created to help soon-to-be-parents better understand the challenge of birth […]

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Space Database & 3DVIA – Understanding Real Estate with 3D

Moving an entire company into a new space is a costly and time-consuming endeavor. Luckily, Space Database is streamlining the process by combining traditional real estate tactics with 3D technology. Based in Toronto, Space Database has been providing innovative information management solutions to the North American commercial real estate industry since 1993. With an expansive […]

Heart in Your Hand & 3DVIA – Helping Doctors Save Lives

We are always pleased to hear how others are utilizing 3DVIA technology, but when we learned how Heart in Your Hand was putting our products to use, we were both ecstatic and humbled. Specializing in disorders of the heart, Heart in Your Hand (HYH) transforms doctors’ 2D data images (CT scans and MRIs) into 3D […]

How to Add 3DVIA Models to Your Coroflot Portfolio

3DVIA recently had the opportunity to team up with Coroflot (Core 77’s sister company), and we can’t lie… we’re pretty excited about it! For those of you who have yet to explore the site, provides creative and marketing professionals with an easy way to publish their work and reach thousands of potential collaborators and clients. […]

UPM, ETSIN and FuVe-E showcase 3DVIA 3D Tools at UNVEX’12 in Madrid

Back in April, the city of Madrid hosted UNVEX’12 Conference and Exhibition, the Spanish Summit on Unmanned Systems. The showcase of unmanned air vehicle (UAV), ground (UGV) and marine (USV) technology was impressive, breaking records for both participants and visitors. The Exhibition Hall included 36 exhibitors, and attendees were given the opportunity to see live […]

Virtual Real Estate Powered by 3DVIA Studio

Have you ever had to choose your future real estate investment based only on a simple 2D plan and a few rendered pictures? Then you know how difficult it is to imagine what it will eventually look like. Together with Explorimmo, a leading online real estate marketplace in France, 3DVIA has made future real estate come […]

a-lab Architects Features 3DVIA Mobile HD at BIM Seminar in Oslo

In late January, a-lab Architects helped organize a BIM (Building Information Modeling) seminar in Oslo, Norway and presented to approximately 150 influential building industry people. The objective of the event was to educate business partners (entrepreneurs, building firms, property developers, etc.) on the newest technologies available in the BIM and visualization industry. One technology a-lab Architects […]

Staying Alive – Saving a Life in Four Minutes

Showing its commitment to combating the issue of heart attacks, Dassault Systèmes proudly presents the online 3D lifelike experience, “Staying Alive,” designed in partnership with iLumens, a medical laboratory from Paris Descarters University. Heart attacks are one of the leading health concerns in the medical industry, taking the lives of more than 250,000 people in […]

Nestlé Goes Augmented with 3DVIA

3DVIA is proud to announce that RIO, the 3D augmented reality game built on 3DVIA technology by Dassault Systèmes, is set to hit supermarkets and grocery stores worldwide. Why supermarkets and grocery stores you ask? Because this AR game is a special kind found on the back of Nestlé cereal boxes. Since mid March consumers […]

TL Magazine Launches iPhone App Powered by 3DVIA

TL Magazine has just launched a digital version of the magazine, established in collaboration with Dassault Systèmes and its community platform 3DVIA. Read the 9th issue of TL on your iPhone and dive into a selection of the SPOTTED items via the 3D application. Visualize the 3D models of TL Magazine on your iPhone and […]

Innovation with 3DVIA: Using 3DVIA Scenes to Empower Children with Autism

At 3DVIA, we are constantly surprised by our users’ ability to find innovative new ways to use 3D technology. This was never more the case than with 3DVinci’s Bonnie Roskes. As part of Project Spectrum, Bonnie combined 3DVIA Scenes with Google SketchUp to help autistic children communicate and prepare for stressful, real-life situations by virtually […]

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