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3DVIA Composer Contest: Disrupt Dixon’s Design in 3D(Comments Off)

April 22, 2013

CONTEST Tom Dixon and Dassault Systèmes have teamed up to create the first open design competition based on a modular concept. In a bold move, Tom Dixon will give participants access to the design files of new products, and challenge them to re-configure and remix into different functional objects. The concept is also relying on […]

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IF WE Contest: Win Prizes that Value Up to $15,000!

Are you a dreamer? We have a contest for you. Not completely convinced you want to enter? You could win a trip to Paris! “IF WE could harvest just one iceberg, we could provide half a million people with fresh water for a year.” This was the thought Georges Mougin had when dreamed of harvesting […]

Design Contest #1 by Sculpteo

  Sculpteo is holding their first “Design Contest”, and all are welcome to join! What will you win? First Prize winner will receive 150 euros (about $190.00) purchase voucher for 3D printing designs with Sculpteo, as well as a 3D print of their design. Second Prize winner will receive 75 euros (about $95.00) purchase voucher, as […]

First 3D Immersive Experience on Facebook with 3DVIA

It’s not every day you have the chance to win an iPad2 by simply answering a few questions, but if you’re up for the challenge, we’re prepared to bounty up the prizes. 3DVIA has launched the first total immersive experience on Facebook with 3DVIA technology. This cutting edge quiz allows players to virtually travel through […]

Make it Work 3DVIA Challenge Winners!

  We asked for a lot, and the 3DVIA Community responded with some AMAZING challenge entries!  As always you guys made our jobs even harder and some medication was needed (chocolate!) to calm all the judges.  This challenge consisted of creating an experience with 3DVIA Studio; if you haven’t yet checked out all the latest goodies […]

3DVIA Studio Challenge: Make it Work!

  We invite you to challenge yourselves and create an interactive demonstration of a product or part for your chance to win an iPad 2! Two runner ups will also take away a $100 USD Amazon Gift Card, as well as all the fame and adulation from our fast growing 285,000 user community. Using 3DVIA Studio, you can […]

3DPLM Opens Aakruti 2012 Design Contest!

In India, all Engineering and Architectures Students are eligible for 3DPLM’s latest Aakruti Contest! The previous Aakruti Contest was a great success and helped students become more familiar with the importance of 3D and the range of 3DVIA and Dassault Systemes products that can help jump start their careers. Since 3DPLM knows the most about […]

Made in 3D Challenge Winner!

Our first 3D Print Ready Design Contest has ended, and we had some fanastic entries! We’d like to thank all the members who participated in the challenge,it was great to see all the talent out there. However as you all know, there can only be one winner and two runner ups. The winner will take […]

3DVIA Challenge 19: Haunted House

Welcome back everyone to the 3DVIA Challenge!  As we are in October, we just had to do a Haunted House Challenge!  Design and create your own haunted house and create your own frightful scene using 3DVIA Scenes!  Ask yourselves what makes that house down the block scary?  Is it the creepy trees, the old architecture […]

Call to Action!: Shotgun

3DVIA’s Call to Action! This is a new program I am starting here that attempts to bring our Community members together with our Developer Community. We have alot of artists constantly expressing their creativity on and we also have just as many developers working in Virtools and MP who are always creating fun and […]

3DVIA Challenge 18: Castles Champion Perecat1!

We were looking forward to the entries to this challenge and we were not disapointed.   We had castles of all types, one was even recently renovated with a sun deck and one was a bouncing castle!   After reviewing the entries, all of us were particularly enthralled by the winning entry.   From the tall spires to […]

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