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3DVIA Shape, 3DVIA Scenes and 3DVIA Spotlight to be Retired(1)

March 10, 2014

3DVIA Shape, 3DVIA Scenes and 3DVIA Spotlight will be retired as of April 15th, 2014 and no longer supported.

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Enhance the way you sell your ideas with 3DVIA Cloud

In today’s fast-paced world of instant communication, the ability to present your ideas from anywhere, in a way that connects with one’s audience, can be challenging. 3DVIA Cloud’s web and mobile marketing platform has been specifically designed to help professionals overcome this obstacle. We provide easy-to-use, online apps that seamlessly integrate your product files into […]

Tips & Tricks – Exporting Your CATIA Models to 3DVIA.com

This video guides you step-by-step in a demonstration of how to export your models from CATIA and then upload them to your account on 3DVIA.com. Once they’re uploaded, you can easily view them from any angle and use them in 3DVIA Shape and 3DVIA Scenes where you can invite your colleagues and friends to enjoy […]

How To: Texture maps on 3dvia.com

Our advanced users know that using texture maps is the best way to capture the fine details of a model without sacrificing frame rate. This tutorial will show you what you need to do to upload your models with multiple texture maps to 3dvia.com. We will use the new Studio web player (aka Beta Player) […]

Tips & Tricks – Joining 3DVIA & Publishing Your Models

Registering for an account on 3DVIA.com opens whole new 3D worlds to you! This video shows you one step at a time how to register. Once your account is activated, you can start making your own 3D models with 3DVIA Shape. Although the video highlights uploading CATIA, SolidWorks and 3DVIA Shape models, you can upload […]

Customize your 3DVIA App for Facebook

Use the 3DVIA Facebook template to turn your 3DVIA Experience into a Facebook game Learn how to turn your killer 3D game built with 3DVIA Studio into a social 3D game on Facebook.  In this tutorial you will: Download the 3DVIA Facebook application template – Download Sign up with Facebook if you are not already […]

How to Embed 3D Content on Your Website or Blog

Most websites and Blogs are made up of text, images, and sometimes Video.  A few include Flash applications as well, but the number that contain true 3D immersive content are very rare.  The reason this number is low is due to the difficulty of building 3D Apps for the web…before NOW! With 3DVIA, you can […]

Tips & Tricks: Uploading to 3DVIA (DCC)

As mentioned in our first Tips & Tricks post, DCC stands for Digital Content Creation.  It is the industry term defining the use of 3D applications like 3DVIA Shape, Maya, 3D Studio Max and XSI  and the creation of 3D content for use in films and real time interactive applications like games and virtual training. […]

Tips and Tricks: Uploading to 3DVIA

  There are well over two dozen different 3D applications with a variety of tools and complexity in use by 3D artists around the world today. Our website, 3DVIA supports the majority of these programs through a few key file formats and texture formats.  In this series of articles we will discover the best ways […]