Born To Be Alive: Learn How to Give Life with 3D

Back in September, we brought you Staying Alive, a 3DExperience built to teach others how to save a life. This month, we’re proud to introduce Born To Be Alive, an interactive 3DExperience that teaches users how to give a life.

Couples awaiting their first child will appreciate this interactive experience created to help soon-to-be-parents better understand the challenge of birth before it actually happens. A strong scientific work created in 3DVIA Studio with the help of doctors and midwives, Born To Be Alive is chock-full of unique 3D simulations and images of the human body never seen before. While many teaching materials in today’s market are just not capable of showing the interaction of the baby and mother, Born To Be Alive offers thorough visual explanations. Want to know how the construction of a mother’s skeleton aids in the birthing process or how a baby moves to deal with each new phase of the process? Born To Be Alive will teach you. Seeing what happens to the baby and his/her mother’s body in realistic 3D gives a much deeper understanding of the stages, in turn helping decrease the fear of new parents.

Brought to the public by Dassault Systèmes’ partnership with iLumens, Born To Be Alive came to fruition thanks to a lot of behind-the-scenes support. One of Born To Be Alive’s greatest supporters is the PremUp Foundation, a group established to support innovative, advanced research concerning both mother and child. We’re hoping you will become a supporter too. See for yourself just what Born To Be Alive can do by checking out the trailer below or visiting the website!

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