3DVIA Top 10 models – 060

The best models uploaded to 3DVIA.com during the week of Saturday, February 6th through Friday, February 12th, 2010 are highlighted here. The Top 10 Team was right in the middle of studying how to make a car using 3DVIA Shape when news came in that a priceless antique was about to be destroyed by fire AND that someone had stolen all the water out of the river! How dastardly!!

We fired up trusty Bigfoot and hot-footed it over to the scene along with several thousand gallons of pond water. The evidence was easy to find – some cuckoo had left the matchbox at the scene. It was too hot to get in close, so we replaced both of Robot1’s arms with hose nozzles and he squelched that blaze in no time! Now we can all go back to HQ for fresh tomatoes from the garden and some well-deserved relaxation in our comfy armchairs!

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The Top 10:

I just love the vintage graphics and colors on Matchbox by anookr . It makes me smile to see it and makes me wish I was there to enjoy the atmosphere! anookr did a great job using 3DVIA Shape. [anookr lives in India]

1000 Chariot Autopropulse by x3n4 is a exceptionally well done model of Leonardo da Vinci’s concept for a self-propelled car – developed in 1478!! It seems that every possible detail is there. x3n4 used CATIA V5.

Juicy Red Tomatoes by Parth (XQH_XXX) puts a huge smile on my face and makes my mouth water at the same time, just thinking about the taste of fresh home-grown tomatoes. Parth used 3DVIA Shape, great composition, exuberant colors and a mastery of textures!  [Parth lives in India]

This M923 A1 Bigfoot by Alfred (alfredix) is an exquisitely detailed model of the 5 ton truck used in many variants by the US Army. As always, it’s the drive train details (which most folks ignore) that impress me the most! Alfred models using Pro/E and then translates using a STEP translator for upload to 3DVIA. [Alfred lives in Germany]

Fire is impossible to “capture”, but Camp Fire by Michael (toymaker) is doggone close. Michael used Google SketchUp and a fertile imagination to create a very believable model of a well-constructed, snapping, popping and warming campfire ready for some scary stories and marshmallows! [Michael lives in the US]

Good detailing, great texturing and appropriate colors can add up to a really nice model like Cuckoo Wall Clock by fnj_123. 3DVIA Shape was the modeling tool. [fnj_123 lives in India]

How To Make a Car – Tutorial – Lancia Delta S4 -1 by Abu (abu_roadking) is quite a project. Using 3DVIA Shape and a good progression of visuals, he leads us step by step to understand his construction method. Check out the finished Lancia Delta S4 to see how well the method works.  [Abu lives in India]

I can’t wait to plop my tired self into this  Quasar – Chester Armchair by Daniele (Novalgina). He used 3ds Max to do a great job modeling a comfy-looking inflatable armchair. [Daniele lives in Italy]

Excellent attention detail and an unusual subject were what attracted me to Ville by eubb. The concept of showing the bridge with its foundations and using a “floating” ship works well to give us an idea of all the work below what we see every day. CATIA V5 was used.

Somehow, Little Robot1, by Kevin (Kreator01), just doesn’t look all that dangerous even though both hands are loaded and nasty-looking. I guess it’s the lampshade on his head and the slightly portly proportions that make me think he may be into partying more than being mean. :) Evil or not, Kevin uploaded his robot in 3DS Format.

Just so everyone knows, the order that the Top 10 are displayed is based on color, type of model and how I’m feeling, not any particular ranking. I just rearrange them until I like the way it looks. It’s as simple as that!

Here’s a brief recap of what I look for when I select the Top 10:

Variety – One of the most important factors. I try to show models created using lots of different software products and showing lots of different ways of using 3D. I include brief comments on why I chose each model.

Creativity, unusual subject matter and humor – These are big factors. We should all be having fun and feel free to model our passions!

Models must be uploaded by the original modeler – Many times I find models that I think will add to the community and will upload them with credit given to the modeler. These and other models that I can’t be reasonably sure who modeled them (for example – commercial models) are a welcome addition to the 3DVIA community, but the goal of the “Top 10″ is to encourage individual modelers and reward their special creativity.

Models entered in the 3DVIA Challenge contests will not be considered – They’re already getting plenty of attention and I want to spotlight models we may have missed.

There is no reward given – Other than the satisfaction of being noticed, spotlighted and being brought to the attention of more modelers. In my personal experience, the pleasure of having my work appreciated is the ultimate reward anyway.

From time to time I will make mistakes and not follow my own rules – I will review these mistakes on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes I will change the post and sometimes I won’t. I will be consistently inconsistent. I am human.

Your comments are always welcomed and encouraged! Your responses will help the modelers and the 3DVIA community as a whole. Feel free to bring other models to my attention and let me know why they attracted you. (PLEASE NOTE: In order to make it easier to explore, all photos are linked directly to the model’s page.)

One final note of caution: these are my choices (dswavely) and my choices alone. So, aim the tomatoes appropriately.

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  1. Hey!! This week is a collection of artistic models… Da vinci – toymaker’s camp fire – The bridge – armchair – robot – cuckoo wall clock all are very much artistic :)
    Alfred is the only one standing still with his army truck.. awesome detailing (always been)

    I just loved the camp fire. No matter how many times I looked at it..it still remains beautiful.

    Great to see 3 models (including mine) in the list from my group (cuckoo wall clock / tomatoes / matchbox)

    Thanks to Abu for making the tutorial for car. it’s really helpful for the competition that we had. Still winner is not announced. Hopefully Monday we will know who won the auto day car making challenge :)

    Just to add to this why don’t we have any winner for 3dviachallenge17 (truck)? What happened to it?

  2. thank you. Hey Sady, it is either Alfred or Alfredix, nothing else and definitely NOT Alf. You got that?


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