3DVIA Top 10 models – 043

The best models uploaded to 3DVIA.com during the week of Saturday, August 22nd through Friday, August 28th are highlighted here. We’re getting closer to finishing out a full year of Top 10 posts and the models just keep getting better and better as the competition heats up! Keep it going!

In case your attention span is extremely limited, you can watch the following video in 29 seconds and see all the included models before you forget what you’re doing. :)

Easy links to the previous Top 10 lists: 001002003004005006007008009010011012013014015016017 -018019020021022023024025026027028029030031032033034035036037038039040041042

The Top 10:

This may the first time that Foghorn didn’t have anything to say, for a few seconds anyway. Foghorn-KFC was modeled by toymaker using Google SketchUp. [toymaker is from the US]

Leopard-1A5 once again shows the quality of alfredix‘s modeling. This tank is another accurate beauty done in Pro/E and then translated into STEP format and uploaded to 3DVIA. [alfredix is from Germany]

To fully understand how wonderful model this is, open My Love V3 – Golden Bangles by XQH_XXX and then let it spin by itself. Using 3DVIA Shape, Parth worked his textures and the 3DVIA Player z-fighting issue to actually get his gems to sparkle! [Parth is from India]

Saint Georges de Boscherville by Arrigo_Silva shows the beauty of architecture and the modeling value of using textures to capture it while using Google SketchUp. [Arrigo_Silva is from Italy]

Not only is the real 8C one of the most beautiful real cars around, Alfa Romeo 8C W.I.P. O by mynameisoscarjo is one of the very best Blender models as well. Great job! [myname is oscarjo is from Sweden]

Shannon has created another top hit with his Phoenix Guitar. sandman14 uses Google SketchUp. [Shannon is from the US]

Concept Car 1 by shodiq38 ups the 3DVIA Shape modeling bar for all of us. Check out his video of how he did it to learn his techniques. You’ll have to watch it numerous times to try to get it all! [shodiq38 is from Indonesia]

abu_roadking gives us another inspiring 3D story with I Can’t Get In, which he tells using 3DVIA Shape. [Abu is from India]

Splitting Headache is funny and too true! toymaker used Google SketchUp. [toymaker if from the US]

Love stories include the animal world as well. T-Rex In Town by XQH_XXX tells the story of a mother’s love for her offspring using 3DVIA Shape. [Parth is from India]

Honorable Mentions:

Kingdom of Ringer by 01337 looks like a fun place (for dogs anyway) modeled using 3DVIA Shape.

CP-140 Small is a well-done aircraft by marcguimont created using an ASCII STL generator.

Where is the Hi Guy in Fruit Land by SammyB is a fun little puzzle created using 3DVIA Shape. [SammyB is from Canada]

Pistol-assm was modeled by ilusi86 using SolidWorks 2008. [ilusi86 is from Malaysia]

shodiq38 demonstrates his humor and his constantly improving skills using 3DVIA Shape in his model Looks Better. [shodiq38 is from Indonesia]

Just so everyone knows, the order that the Top 10 and Honorable Mentions are displayed is based on color, type of model and how I’m feeling, not any particular ranking. I just rearrange them until I like the way it looks. It’s as simple as that!

Here’s a brief recap of what I look for when I select the “Top 10″ and “Honorable Mentions”:

Variety – One of the most important factors. I try to show models created using lots of different software products and showing lots of different ways of using 3D. I include brief comments on why I chose each model.

Creativity, unusual subject matter and humor – These are big factors. We should all be having fun and feel free to model our passions!

Models must be uploaded by the original modeler – Many times I find models that I think will add to the community and will upload them with credit given to the modeler. These and other models that I can’t be reasonably sure who modeled them (for example – commercial models) are a welcome addition to the 3DVIA community, but the goal of the “Top 10″ is to encourage individual modelers and reward their special creativity.

Models entered in the 3DVIA Challenge contests will not be considered – They’re already getting plenty of attention and I want to spotlight models we may have missed.

There is no reward given – Other than the satisfaction of being noticed, spotlighted and being brought to the attention of more modelers. In my personal experience, the pleasure of having my work appreciated is the ultimate reward anyway.

Your comments are always welcomed and encouraged! Your responses will help the modelers and the 3DVIA community as a whole. Feel free to bring other models to my attention and let me know why they attracted you. (PLEASE NOTE: In order to make it easier to explore, all photos are linked directly to the model’s page.)

One final note of caution: these are my choices (dswavely) and my choices alone. So, aim the tomatoes appropriately.

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  1. Wow, great. also the second member of the Leopard-1 family made it in the Top10. Thanks a lot Don.
    I am curious to see if the other 3 members will also make it ;-)

  2. Another Week with Top models to explore & find out what I have missed so far (no offense its very difficult to track every model) So Don thanks for giving us a chance to refresh the memory.

    Many thanks Don for including Golden Bangle & T-Rex in Town. I was very unhappy because of z-fighting issue with my model “Sound of Purity V2- Expression of freedom” where the visibile surfaces disappears as the player rotates, But I accidentally took the advantage of this z-fighting in Golden Bangle model. Sometime your biggest weakness can become your strength. I loved the sparkling effect in this jewelry. T-Rex in Town is something came to my mind while watching one of the Dinosaur movie. I felt so bad the way people captured them, beat them. The model represents the feeling of mother-child exists among animals too..

    I would like to comment on:
    Saint Georges de Boscherville – Nice texturing. Look very real.
    Alfa Romeo 8C W.I.P. O – No doubt this is one of the great surfacing I have seen lately among car models. Took so long to see it in this stage. Must have taken lots of effort. Great Job.
    Concept Car – Just amazing because it is made in 3dvia where atleast I never thought of making any car models until this model. The video he made is simply amaze me every single time. Also that inspires me to make my own car models :)
    Phoenix Guitar – Shannon as always made this beauty to enjoy. Even I just completed my second guitar model ( http://www.3dvia.com/XQH_XXX/models/F0AD57E6F8CADCEE ). Of course he inspired me for guitars.

    • Thanks for your compliment Parth! I also enjoy every model you make :)

      • Thank You too Shannon. Every new way you come up with new design, new textures is simply amazing. I believe after seeing your dedication for guitars I have made my decision to make guitar models, though it’s long way to go for me to be able to make perfect guitar models. As long as you keep going with your artistic ability I will try to learn more :)

  3. Why is it written in my earlier comment as \Your comment is awaiting moderation\?? What moderation required in this comment?

    • I don’t know. I’ll have to look into it. It is also getting annoying that we’re told over and over again that the same blog post has been uploaded. That’s two recent developments that are not good ones.

      Thanks for letting us know!

      • Don!! Why can’t we edit / delete our comments from this blog post? We can edit our comments in model page all the time but not here?? This happen many times that I would like to edit the comment as it was not suitable / what I never intended to mean & created confusion among others but this function is not there :(

        • I’ve had the same frustrations Parth. Our own web pages are our own resources with product plans in place that we can and do adjust based on user experience.

          Since, like most web sites, we use a third party software to run our blogs and resulting comments, we are often at the mercy of which features they add when and whether they work or not.

          I will bring this up with our developers and see if there is anything that we can do. Thanks for bringing this up!

        • I think it’s because we don’t have to log in on the 3dvia blog, as long as we have a code at the bottom, anyone can speak on the blog. So, if edit was available, anyone could edit your comment. Not good!

  4. Hmm!! That’s what I thought but I think without logging in no one should be able to add comments since blog will not understand who is commenting? but it may be considered as development based on user’s experience & demand. At least I would be very happy to see if it works… as I often post comment on Top-10 post & need to edit them so it will be helpful :)

  5. Parth and Tomy,

    I am making this comment without logging in. However, I was required to provide a name and email address (which can be faked, I know).

    I do not have the ability to edit anyone’s comments, only add one.


  6. the top 10 are really the best. 3D animation is indeed a great addition to what technology offers.

  7. Arrigo_Silva: Un edificio muy bonito y ilustrativo.Una buena ejecución y mejor que trabajar resultado.Grande modelo .. Mucho worksLos coches son great.I no olvidará la guitarra, es el avión design.the tremendous.Beautiful es superior … Sin el menosprecio de los otros modelos y textures.Many creatividad.From Madrid (ESPAÑA) pieza Perecat.Guitar.

  8. Arrigo silva:Un edificio muy bien ejecutado e ilustrativo.Buena ejecucion y mejor resultado,gran modelo..Mucho trabajo¿Verdad?.Los automoviles son geniales,sin olvidar esa tremenda guitarra.El avion superior,y no nos olvidemos del resto de modelos y texturas.Mucha creatividad.From Madrid(ESPAÑA).Perecat..

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  10. had no intention to influence your upcoming choices. You do a great job in picking the right models each week.
    Thanks for your kind words about my modeling. I apreciate it.

  11. I don’t know. I’ll have to look into it. It is also getting annoying that we’re told over and over again that the same blog post has been uploaded. That’s two recent developments that are not good ones.

    Thanks for letting us know!

    • What will you be looking into?

      How are you being told over and over again? On the site? Through the newsletter?

      What is the other development that is not good?

  12. Awesome post ,All the given information is so informative for us ,I really appreciated from your information.
    I will bookmark it,and sharing it with my friends.Thanks.


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