3DVIA Top 10 – Best of the Best – 2011!

3DVIA Best of the Best 2011

It was an exceptionally busy year for everyone here at 3DVIA! One result was that the weekly Top 10 blog posts became bi-weekly instead. This means that there are 28 Top 10’s to gather data from, compared to 47 last year. To be statistically more accurate, the Best of the Best 2011 compilation now determines the Top 5 modelers of 2011.

Because of a tie for fifth place, 6 Truly extraordinary 3DVIA modelers are recognized here as the Top 5 modelers for the models that they created in 2011! CONGRATULATIONS TO EACH OF YOU! The Best of the Best 2011 is a celebration of these individual modelers and the depth and quality of all of our modelers here at 3DVIA.

It is also a time to recognize all of the other 186 folks and their outstanding models that were included in the Top 10 posts for the year 2011! The quality of the 3DVIA Community’s models has continued to get better and the range of subjects modeled continues to expand.

Our Top 10 goal of being neutral territory for models created in any 3D modeling software is continuing to work. If we break down the total of 281 Top 10 models (the number is off by one because Top 10 – 116 had 11 winning models) by the software tool used to create them; it works out to: 82 Google SketchUp, 39 3DS format, 31 CATIA V5, 27 SolidWorks, 25 3DVIA Shape, 12 each Blender and Autodesk Product Design Suite, 11 3DVIA Composer, 8 each Dassault Systemes V6 and OBJ format, 7 Pro/E, 5 each IGES and VRML format, 4 STEP format, and 1 each 3ds Max, Bryce, Open Collada, PLY, and 3DVIA Printscreen. That’s 19 different 3D modeling tools in just the Top 10 posts. The entire model pool contains many more!

Now – on to declaring the Best of the Best 2010. The year started with Top 10 – 102 (01/01-2011 to 01-07-2011) and ended with Top 10 – 129 (12-17-2011 to 12-30-2011). For each winner below, I chose my personal favorite from their Top 10 models to represent them here and included a link to the Top 10 where you can find it.

Now might be a good time to repeat the caution in each Top 10 post: These are my choices (dswavely) and my choices alone. So, aim the tomatoes appropriately.

3DVIA Best of the Best 2011In first place is Alfred Schallert (alfredix) with 19 Top 10 models!

Top 10 – 120
Juggernaut Intruder 3D model on 3DVIA.com


3DVIA Best of the Best 20112nd is  Michael Petersen (smike) with 16 Top 10 models.

Top 10 – 106 (also featured in “3DVIA modeler Michael Petersen hits the big time“)
Maeba MC 285 Mini Crawler Crane 3D model on 3DVIA.com


3DVIA Best of the Best 20113rd is Novak Nikola (zenox) with 7 Top 10 models.

Top 10 – 118
Vikintador Supercar Concept 3D model on 3DVIA.com


3DVIA Best of the Best 20114th is Shannon Sands (sandman14) with 6 Top 10 models.

Top 10 – 126
Jackson Randy Piper Skull Guitar 3D model on 3DVIA.com


3DVIA Best of the Best 2011Tied for 5th with 5 Top 10 models each (in alphabetical order by user name):


Top 10 – 102

Architurn - Decompartmentalize to Illuminate 3D model on 3DVIA.com


Jarand Midtgaard (jarandm)

 Top 10 – 123
Skyscraper 3D model on 3DVIA.com


CONGRATULATIONS to EVERYONE on in the Top 5 and to the rest of the community for keeping them honest and nipping at their heels with your own fantastic models!!

Easy links to the 2010 or 2009 results.

Easy links to all of the Top 10 posts in 2011: 102103104105106107108109110111112113114115116117118119120121122123124125126127128129

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  1. Wow, good job, there were some new ones this year! But of course, you would have to assume that alfredix and smike are on the list, they’re models are very complex. :)

  2. Thank you for a fantastic year at 3DVia! Thank you also for including my work in this excusive list! It is a great honor!

    I discovered this forum in august last year. The discovery surely influenced my creative production in the last quarter of 2011. I will try to remain active in this forum also throughout 2012.

    It is a pleasure so view so many dedicated modelers and designers at one place. I would also like to comment on the dedication of the 3DVia staff! Even though I haven’t met any one of you in real life, I still feel I got know some of you quite well. Keep on the good work.

    I hope that we together will keep on contributing to the development of 3D modeling and the overall progression in the design/modeling field. This goes out to both professionals and the amateurs that show their work at 3DVia.

    Personally I will continue working on making contemporary architecture accessible on the 3DVia platform. I will also spread the word out to my colleagues and business partners. For my personally, 3DVia is a great tool, both in order to develop further as an architect and as a great way to show projects and ideas to clients, at office or on the building site.

    Only one small issue may slow down my progression in 2012.. This issue is that my wife and I are expecting twins in may/june! (Yeay!!) This has resulted in leaving my work in Oslo, buying big house in my original hometown (Not Tokyo, not New York, not Paris but….drum roll….LARVIK!!). I don´t know anything about having kids but I guess it means that I have to quit nighttime modeling and rendering. We will see how it goes :)

    Good luck to everyone in 2012!

    • You’re welcome Jarand from the whole 3DVIA team!

      We are happy that we can provide tools to help you grow in and enjoy your chosen field. We appreciate the imagination and incredible projects that you bring to 3DVIA for all of our community to learn from and be inspired by. We also appreciate your willingness to share your experience with others in your field. Hopefully, we’ll all benefit from even more new ideas.

      Of course, you will have to concentrate on your biggest project to date – twins! Congratulations and our best wishes as you grow your family! It will be an adventure that will amaze and delight you!


  3. Glad that you like it tomy!

    The all-time best modelers list is even more interesting – 636 modelers have been in the Top 10’s, so far!

    • That’s interesting. I got the ‘captcha’ answer wrong, so it kicked me out of replying to tomy’s comment.

      It’s also interesting that, since I wrote the blog in the first place, I have to fill in the ‘captcha’ at all. Grrr!

  4. It seems like the Year 2012 CAN get better :)
    1st my trailers are in the 1st Top10 this year and now I am No1 of “Best of the Best”.
    That is so cool. Thank you very much Don and the whole team at 3DVia.
    It is a great honour for me and definitely a big motviation for 2012 and for new models (some of them are already in progress…)

    Congratulations to the other “Best of the Best”. Great job from everybody.
    I must admit, I am not very good in making a lot of coments to other models. But I follow 3DVia quite closely.

    Thanks again to Don for preparing the list and also thank for choosing the “Juggernaut” as representative model. It is also my favorite, mainly because it is my very own design.

    Best regards to everybody

    • It makes me happy to hear your enthusiasm and obvious appreciation that others notice your remarkable skills! Here’s hoping that 2012 continues to be a great one for you!

      Thanks for your compliments and comments too. We like to be appreciated too. :)

      I chose your Juggernaut to be your representative model for exactly the same reason that you mention. I wanted to encourage that amazing imagination of yours! Keep going!

      We’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  5. thanks don for the fine work

    nice to see i regained my second place which is a big surprise i thought that i had not uploaded so many models this year so i would end last
    and only 3 from alfredix is a even bigger surprise since he in my eyes always was on the top 10

    congratulations to all the others on the list (specially Alfredix)

    and its great that there is several new names on it this time, they deserve it


    • Thank you smike! As always, you did all the hard work.

      These rankings are based on the models done by everyone only in 2011. The Best of the Best for each year is a better indicator of who is active and making excellent models in that year. That helps new-comers to 3DVIA to have a chance to do well too!

      The all-time rankings are a better indicator of who has been consistently, year after year, making those excellent models. You are still #2, but by a wider margin.

      As long as you have fun making your models, that is what really counts. :)


  6. Wonderful choices! :)

    Congratulations to all winners! Obviously, they have a great professional experience.

  7. Thanks! I’m so honored to be on here :)

  8. great job to all the winners, very impressive work…