3DVIA Top 10 – Best of the Best – 2010!

14 Extraordinary 3DVIA modelers are recognized here as the Best of the Best Top 10 modelers for models that they created in 2010! CONGRATULATIONS TO EACH OF YOU! The Best of the Best 2010 is a celebration of these individual modelers and the depth and quality of all of our modelers here at 3DVIA.

It is also a time to recognize all of the other 252 folks and their outstanding models that were included in the 47 Top 10 posts for the year 2010! The quality of the models has continued to get better and the range of subjects modeled continues to expand.

Our goal of being neutral territory for models created in any 3D modeling software is working. If we break down the total 463 Top 10 models (the number is unusual because Top 10 – 096 had 5 models and Top 10 – 097 had 8 models) by the software tool used to create them; it works out to 98 3DVIA Shape models, 74 SolidWorks, 57 Google SketchUp, 53 in 3DS format, 43 CATIA, 35 Pro/E, 25 Blender17 in OBJ format, 13 Dassault Systemes V6, 11 3DVIA Composer, 9 each for 3ds Max and in VRML format, 5 in STL format, 4 Structure Synth, 3 in IGES format, 2 in STEP format, and 1 each for: ArgileCinema 4dLego Digital Designer, MicroStation, and Sculptris, That’s 21 different 3D modeling tools in just the Top 10 posts. The entire model pool contains many more!

Now – on to declaring the Best of the Best 2010. The year started with Top 10 – 055 (01/02-2010 to 01-08-2010) and ended with Top 10 – 101 (12-11-2010 to 12-31-2010). For each winner below, I chose my personal favorite from their Top 10 models to represent them here and a link to the Top 10 where you can find it.

Now might be a good time to repeat the caution in each Top 10 post: One final note: these are my choices (dswavely) and my choices alone. So, aim the tomatoes appropriately.

In first place is Alfred Schallert (alfredix) with 36 Top 10 models!

Top 10 – 061


2nd is Enrrique Perez (perecat1) with 18 Top 10 models.

Top 10 – 088


3rd is Novak Nikola (zenox) with 15 Top 10 models.

Top 10 – 093


4th is Abdullah Shaikh (abu_roadking) with 14 Top 10 models.

Top 10 – 068


5th is Partha Das (XQH_XXX) with 11 Top 10 models.

Top 10 – 061


6th is  Michael Petersen (smike) with 9 Top 10 models.

Top 10 – 086


7th is Michael White (toymaker) with 8 Top 10 models.

Top 10 – 093


Tied for 8th with 7 Top 10 models each (in alphabetical order by user name):

Calin Lihet (l5o2k1s)

Top 10 – 091


Alexandr Beda (sanya)

Top 10 – 076


Tied for 9th with 6 Top 10 models each (in alphabetical order by user name):


Top 10 – 070



Top 10 – 077


Tied for 10th with 5 Top 10 models each  (in alphabetical order by user name):


Top 10 – 069


Oscar Johansson (mynameisoscarjo)

Top 10 – 083



Top 10 – 058


Now you see what I mean by depth of quality! That is a lot of great modeling. CONGRATULATIONS to EVERYONE on the list and to the rest of the community for keeping them honest and nipping at their heels with your own fantastic models!!

Click to see the 2009 results.

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  1. Great work guys…congrats !!!

  2. Great models…

  3. Hi Don, great job in doing this selection. I bet it was a hard job.
    Thank you for making me No1 (again :) ). I feel very much honoured to defend my title from last year :)
    The tanktransporter is also my favorite model from last year, thank you for choosing this one as your favorite too.
    too bad noboda can see it anymore. It got lost during the database update of 3DVia earlier this year.
    Maybe I find the time to upload it iagain.

    One more thing on my name: It is Schallert, not Schalerrt (too funny you made the same mistake last year)

    Congratulations to everybody else in the top 10 list, awesome job from all of you! Keep going.

    Best regards

    • Hi Alfred,

      Actually, since the results are based on a spreadsheet that I keep for all Top 10 winners, the numbers did the “hard” work. I only had to choose my favorites. Each Top 10 is the real hard work. This compilation and number crunching just takes more time. It is very satisfying to see those modelers who are consistently excellent being honored!

      The tank transporter is such a great beast. It is a shame that it was lost. :{

      My sincere apologies for miss-spelling your name again! I have fixed it, but I should really do a better editing job in the first place.

      Best regards

  4. Ooh there is my Koenigsegg :)

    Congratz all on the list.

    • Hmm, why was my comment linked to Energy4All? Anyway thanks for including me.

      • We’re having some really odd things happening with comments. :{ The development team is working hard on getting them fixed.

        When I first read the comment I thought that Energy4All was saying that they really wanted one or maybe even had one. :)

  5. You’re welcome Alfred. :)

    (It seems that we are only allowed four replies after the original comment.)

  6. Thank you, very pleased that you chose me =)

  7. WOW. This really is a big surprise. A great reward for all models. A recognition of their efforts and dedication. Thank you for allowing me to be among the elect. It is my honor to be part of this great selection. It is the best medicine.:). My congratulations to all those selected. Really a wonderful choice. Thanks to Don for the extra effort, yours is the merit. No doubt.

  8. Thank you for giving me hope. Yes, yes yes: DD

  9. yes thanks don

    nice to still be on the list even thoug i have dropped a few places since last year
    I now i have used to mouch time on many of my latest models and didnt got to upload so many in 2010 (how does Alfredix do it with so high a level of details in his models)
    but still its nice to be placed here toghter with all these great 3d artist
    congratulations to all of you on the list its well desevered

    • You’re welcome Michael – although you did all the work! :)

      I think it was more important for you to take the time to really upgrade your modeling and texture-making skills than to have a model in the Top 10 every time. It takes time and commitment to make the jump that you did.

      We are celebrating the quality of the models. A year is a long time and this is really just an average of what has been happening.

  10. awesome especially the model #7.

  11. awesome, especially the model#7


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