3DVIA Top 10 3D Models – 138

3DVIA Top 10 3D Models - 138

Futuristic concepts and models dominate the Top 10 this time around. You can stay earthbound with some show-stopping transportation or head for outer space for even more adventures. If you choose to stay here on Earth you can still cruise in style to a beautiful home or elegant urban or rural buildings. Jump on board and take a look.

The ten best 3D models, one 3DVIA Experience and one 3DVIA Scene uploaded to 3DVIA.com during the weeks of Wednesday, July 25th, 2012 through Friday, September 14th, 2012 are highlighted here. (A special project here at 3DVIA has kept me away from the normal Top 10 schedule, but this should get me back on track.)

(Easy links to all 137 previous Top 10 posts are right after the current week’s models, Experience and Scene.) 

The Top 10:

SkyCab V2 2 Closed 3D model on 3DVIA.com

As the world population grows and the world stays the same size, we’ll need more solutions like the SkyCab V2 2 Closed designed by Nanikstudio. As an electric four passenger, driver-less system of personal transportation, the SkyCab has been named as one of Sweden’s top 12 climate solvers by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund). You’ll have to visit the web site to see all of the other awards that it has received.The model was uploaded in STEP format.


1202 Building 3D model on 3DVIA.com

Any building that uses pink/magenta as its main color accent is bound to draw attention. 1202 Building by jhearn certainly does that! The beautiful forms of the building itself are accentuated as your eye moves from one bright spot to the next. Jhearn used SketchUp to create this standout model.


Smikorsky Sci-Fi Interior Construction Kit 3D model on 3DVIA.com

People get sick in outer space too, so smike’s Smikorsky Sci-Fi Interior Construction Kit – Medlabs OBS Room and Body Scanner is an important part of any space adventure. It is suitably futuristic and has all the equipment to treat anyone; human or alien! Be sure to visit his presentation to see all the details. Smike uses SketchUp to create his models for future worlds. [smike lives in Denmark]


DPGV4 FLV Ver SWU1 3D model on 3DVIA.com

He’s done it again! The combination of a gorgeous fluid form with the complex internal framework makes frames-njut’s DPGV4 FLV Ver SWU1 beautiful from any angle. CATIA V5 was the modeling tool used.


ArielMorandy's Snowy Hill 3D Experience on 3DVIA.com

The ability to walk around and experience a 3D space is ably demonstrated by ArielMorandy’s Snowy Hill. You can definitely get a better understanding of an environment by being able to move around in it. Ariel did a great job using 3DVIA Scenes.


Concept Afghan 3D model on 3DVIA.com

Concept Afghan by Calin (l5o2k1s) is a real stunner! I’d love to hand wash the real car just to feel all the amazing forms and get up close to all the ins, outs, ups and downs. Then I’d want to be in another car on the road just to be able to appreciate the whole thing in its environment. Finally, I’d like to actually drive the beast and scare myself witless. Smiles for miles! Calin used 3ds Max.


Sparks9 3D model on 3DVIA.com

Sparks9 by Mark (marksinky) has a focus on having a great view and also making sure that you can be aware of any runaway sparks that might cause you trouble. It looks a great place to enjoy. Mark built it using SketchUp.


Bobak Launches Curiosity 3D Experience on 3DVIA.com

Abu (abu_roadking) has created a fun 3D Experience using current events for inspiration. Bobak Launches Curiosity let’s you launch your own Curiosity! If you click on the striped block tower it starts the countdown on a rocket on the pad. As you can see, I couldn’t stop clicking and eventually managed to launch 44 rockets! Abu used 3DVIA Studio as his creative tool. [Abu lives in India]


Arbalest2 3D model on 3DVIA

Arbalest2 is one guy that I want on my side of in any battle. tkscyber has created a great model that will not be hassled by anyone without some serious payback!  It was uploaded in 3DS format. [tksyber lives in Indonesia]


Pegasus 3D model on 3DVIA.com

Pegasus, by Enrrique (perecat1), was imagined and then created using 3DVIA Shape. These images are from his Gallery on the model page. Notice that it is still under construction too, the lifting craft are still carrying beams and materials hither and yon. [Enrrique lives in Spain]


Mercedes Benz® Dark Green Cabrio 3D model on 3DVIA.com

JoFe did a great job using 3DVIA Shape to create this svelte Mercedes Benz® Dark Green Cabrio. The promise of an elegant ride and the buttery soft-looking interior begs for some road time real soon.


Ø900mm Turbo Fan 3D model on 3DVIA.com

The Ø900mm Turbo Fan by Ibrahim (aksoy93) looks like it would spray everything within 5 miles! Wherever it might be used you can be sure that the job would be done thoroughly. Ibrahim used SolidWorks.


Just so everyone knows, the order that the Top 10 are displayed is based on color, type of model and how I’m feeling, not any particular ranking. I just rearrange them until I like the way it looks. It’s as simple as that!

Easy links to the previous Top 10 lists: 001002003004005006007008009010011 - 012013014015016017 - 018 - 019020021022023024025026027028029030031032033034035036037038039040041042043 044 - 045046 - 047048 - 049050051052053054 (seven weeks in one)055056057058059060Best of the Best 2009061062 - 063 - 064 - 065066 - 067068069070071072073074075076077078079080081082083084085086087088089090091092093094095096097098099100101102103104105106107108109Best of the Best 2010110111112113114115116117118119120121122123124125126127128129130131132133134135136137

Here’s a brief recap of what I look for when I select the Top 10:

Variety – One of the most important factors. I try to show models created using lots of different software products and showing lots of different ways of using 3D. I include brief comments on why I chose each model.

Creativity, unusual subject matter and humor – These are big factors. We should all be having fun and feel free to model our passions!

There is no reward given – Other than the satisfaction of being noticed, spotlighted and being brought to the attention of more modelers. In my personal experience, the pleasure of having my work appreciated is the ultimate reward anyway.

From time to time I will make mistakes and not follow my own rules – I will review these mistakes on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes I will change the post and sometimes I won’t. I will be consistently inconsistent. I am human.

Your comments are always welcomed and encouraged! Your responses will help the modelers and the 3DVIA community as a whole. Feel free to bring other models to my attention and let me know why they attracted you.

(PLEASE NOTE: In order to make it easier to explore, all photos are linked directly to the model’s page.)

One final note of caution: these are my choices (dswavely) and my choices alone. So, aim the tomatoes appropriately.

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  1. OMG! ! ! . Awesome. Thank you very much for including my model. Congratulations to all selected for their excellent work. Theme, varied. I like them all. Great job to you too Don.

  2. How did your Composer presentation go? Good Top Ten!

    • Thanks tomy.

      The Composer presentation did its job well, from what I’ve been told. If you have an iPhone or iPad you can send it to your mobile device from here: http://www.3dvia.com/lma/ – it’s the first one listed – and then view it. Due to customer confidentiality, the product models are not viewable, but you can get a good idea of what a Live Marketing App is like. We’re still working on all the coding and making changes regularly.

      • That’s good! But hey, I just got a new Android phone recently. Is it ever possible 3dvia will support Android? A search only comes up with one app (PLM Marketplace) which is useless to me.

  3. nice list this time

    there is some really great models on this time