3DVIA Top 10 3D Models – 121

Power! The power of 3D modeling is in your face with this week’s Top 10. Whether you’re dreaming up the future, rebuilding the past, or imagining how to revamp the old to suit the new, 3D models will help you help others to understand and actually see what you mean. Dig in and see for yourself!

The ten best 3D models and one 3DVIA Scene uploaded to 3DVIA.com during the weeks of Saturday, August 27th through Friday, September 9th, 2011 are highlighted here.

(Easy links to all 120 previous Top 10 posts are right after the current week’s models and 3DVIA Scene.)

The Top 10:

gazvani from Lucid Architecure is an architect on the forefront of using technology that helps both his clients and his business. He created House Richardson and House Richardson Cutaway 3D models using ArchiCAD, uploaded them to 3DVIA in 3DS format and is now able to show the model in 3D on his iPad.

These “Alterations to a 6 year abandoned house overlooking a golf course” are far easier for the clients and the engineers to understand when used in combination with the traditional 2D drawings and renderings. I’ve combined images here to show you a progression of views from the outside of the whole site to a cutaway that highlights the interior layout. [Lucid Architecture is in South Africa]

Ernö Péter Cosma (epcinnova) conjured up major amounts of imagination and then applied it with Rhinoceros and various CATIA modules to create his entry in the e.Car Design Challenge. Definitive Structure Assembled and Body are just part of the design, which is why I used these screen captures from a high resolution video that was part of his presentation to properly convey the concepts.

His huge effort was rewarded by being one of the five finalists in the contest! The models were uploaded in 3DS format. [epcinnova, the company, is in Spain]

Have you got something to move? Well, Michael (smike) has the equipment to get the job done pronto! He has modeled this crane both folded – HIAB 360E Loader Crane – Folded – and ready to get to work – HIAB 360E Loader Crane - Unfolded. HIAB Cranes manufactures the real thing, but be sure to visit Michael’s presentation for both cranes showing the details of how he built his cranes using Google SketchUp. [Michael lives in Denmark]

Spaceastronaut by jurmastar certainly fulfills his goals to “design a mouse that is very elegant but still very comfortable and ergonomic…”. It’s quite enticing and makes me want to try one! It was uploaded using OpenCOLLADA2010 format.


designer73 worked on Bastione Saint Remy  for a year using Google SketchUp. His dedication to getting the details right really paid off! After building and adding textures, he also put his model into this 3DVIA Scene for the very enjoyable experience of actually walking through the whole historical site. Climbing all those stairs is far easier when you do it virtually, yet you are still rewarded with some amazing views. Great job!

This beast means business! Juggernaut ICV Cab Module by Alfred (alfredix) leaves no room for disagreement! When things get really hairy the armor shades can be closed, but the driver can still see after he slides the seat up to view the scene through the armored viewing port – watch the video to see how it works! For more pictures than just these few, visit Alfred’s Picasa Album. Just make sure you get out of the way first.

Alfred uses Autodesk Product Design Suite to build his models and then converts everything into STEP format for upload. [Alfred lives in Germany]

Product 1, carefully modeled by a-rown23 using CATIA V5, is a swiveling headlight that looks like it is ready for production. I’ve shown it here in both the left and right positions. Check out the model to see all the little details that make this a real winner.

Mind 0034 Site Model by Tomicca shows the power of 3D to quickly convey a lot of information about a complicated real world project. The use of a gray scale palette with a simple color to spotlight our attention is excellent. I must admit that the trees are my favorite part – they’re so simple, but totally effective in adding just the right touch. Tomicca created this model using Google SketchUp.

It may be a “toy”, but Märklin BR03-10 300K by gassi is a masterpiece of detailed modeling of a very complicated subject matter. Steam engines are a mother lode of technical wonders from the last century. Gassi’s gem has captured the drama of the real thing – I almost expect to hear the whistle blow. It was uploaded from 3DVIA Composer. Märklin Trains are known all over the world for their high quality model railroading equipment.

Wow! F-16 CJ 79 by Alain Dugousett (dscampuscommunity / DS internal) demonstrates first-rate surfacing, detailing, and textures. Exceptional modeling! It was uploaded in 3DS format. To learn more about the F-16 Fighting Falcon, check this out. Go here for more information about the 79th Fighter Squadron.

Chopper by Alexandr (Sanya) will guarantee that they hear you coming, take a good look as you motor by, and remember how hot your hog is! Excellent modeling using SolidWorks. [Sanya lives in Ukraine]

Just so everyone knows, the order that the Top 10 are displayed is based on color, type of model and how I’m feeling, not any particular ranking. I just rearrange them until I like the way it looks. It’s as simple as that!

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Here’s a brief recap of what I look for when I select the Top 10:

Variety – One of the most important factors. I try to show models created using lots of different software products and showing lots of different ways of using 3D. I include brief comments on why I chose each model.

Creativity, unusual subject matter and humor – These are big factors. We should all be having fun and feel free to model our passions!

There is no reward given – Other than the satisfaction of being noticed, spotlighted and being brought to the attention of more modelers. In my personal experience, the pleasure of having my work appreciated is the ultimate reward anyway.

From time to time I will make mistakes and not follow my own rules – I will review these mistakes on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes I will change the post and sometimes I won’t. I will be consistently inconsistent. I am human.

Your comments are always welcomed and encouraged! Your responses will help the modelers and the 3DVIA community as a whole. Feel free to bring other models to my attention and let me know why they attracted you.

(PLEASE NOTE: In order to make it easier to explore, all photos are linked directly to the model’s page.)

One final note of caution: these are my choices (dswavely) and my choices alone. So, aim the tomatoes appropriately.

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  1. Another GREAT Top 10. There are some very talented people and fantastic models being posted to this site. Can’t wait to see the next issue. Thank you again for putting together this blog ‘column’.

  2. Great models this week Don.
    I love that steam engine :)
    thanks for including my Juggernaut cab. Perfect choice of the pictures :) I think it is helpful that you included a pic from the whole truck for more understanding of the whole thing.

    Best regards

    • Thanks Alfred.

      The steam locomotive is stunning. You also certainly understand the value and beauty of detail to bring a model to life. The whole Juggernaut series (and the Picasa album) is a treasure trove of fantastic modeling. I always look forward to seeing what you do next! Thanks for your comment on the presentation of your model. :)

      Best regards

  3. many thanks don for including my model to this top 10 amongs all these great models

    best regards

  4. Thank you very much for including my model too. If anybody wants to see original renders, they are avilable next to the model in the gallery tab. :)

    Thank you again!

    • You’re welcome!

      Thanks for reminding people that all models have their own Gallery space available and that you used yours well! However. because the Gallery automatically re-sizes uploaded images, they often are oddly cropped. That’s why I took your model into 3DVIA Composer and re-rendered it there. I want each model to look as good as it can!


  5. Thank you for including my scene! In reality, the merit of the model .. not mine! ; )

  6. Thank you Don!
    I´m very proud to be included in this fantastic selection of models and scenes.
    I send you a link about eCar design Challenge: Car design news

    • You’re welcome! And thank you for your help in supplying usable materials for the blog post.

      That’s a great article (with pictures of your efforts!) in Car Design News. Everybody should visit the link and learn about the competition, the finalists and more about the continuing changes in the automotive industry.

      Well done!

  7. thank you once again Don!
    I think there is still a lot to do in automotive industry and this kind of challenges are a perfect platform to show new ideas and may be….the future ;-)

    • You’re absolutely right! There will always be more that can be done to improve our modes of transportation and that often the best ideas come from challenges like these where imagination is the primary motivator. The internet is great because it allows so many more people to participate that there will be even more good ideas! Each problem needs its own solution and the answers will come from those who are the most directly affected, since they understand the problem the best.

      I’m looking forward to seeing more of your great solutions!