3DVIA Studio April Update (2.10.74) iV, Sound, Solidworks file handling!

The April update to 3DVIA Studio (2.10.74) is so jammed packed with greatness, that we had to break up the announcement into 2 parts! You’ll find something for everyone in this release. Crafty users will be able to discover all of the new features immediately. This week we are announcing the following additions:

Immersive Virtuality (iV) New Features

Adding to the existing list of rich features found here, the team has incorporated support for super high resolution displays (eXtraHD), as well as the new Sensorial User in Interaction (SUI) module: a data model for users’ body in 3D space.
-Sensorial User in Interaction building blocks and templates
-Drag and drop support for high-level SUI scenarios
-Support for eXtraHD resolutions

Video of the new SUI features:

Sound Engine Improvements

The sound engine in 3DVIA Studio has been completely rebuilt from user feedback! With an improved asset workflow, 3DVIA Studio now natively supports WAV and OGG format sound files. We also have new GUI controls for ease-of-use, 3D positional audio and Mac OS support!
-Mac OS support
-Improved asset workflow
-Native support for WAV and OGG files (Mono & Stereo, PCM (uncompressed), Vorbis codec, no codec dependencies on player side)
-New sound player with loop mode, speed control and volume controls
-New control panel for Play/Pause/Stop integration into GUI
-3D sound support.
-VSL and SDK bindings persistent through 3DVIA Studio versions (remain unchanged)

Improved handling of SolidWorks 3DXML Files

Collaboration between SolidWorks and 3DVIA Studio has been greatly improved through the 3DXML format, including support for a new multi-material per mesh attribute.
-Format handling improvements
-Multi-material per mesh support added

3D Curves New Feature

The helpful curves return! 3D curve support, along with a nifty new smart grid for layout of your curve and custom building blocks have been added for your animating pleasure.
-Support for curve generation from within 3DVIA Studio
-Editing Curves through control points & point tangents, smart tool grid helper for positioning of 3D curve
-New building blocks added: Curve Follow, Curve Edit, Control Point Edit

Global Search Functionality Added to Shader and VSL Editor

Having problems finding the right file in a large project? With this new UI function you can locate all of your files quickly.
-Search all VSL scripts referenced inside your project
-Search all shader files, including built-in .fxh files
-New shortcut key “CTRL+SHIFT+F” when inside VSL or Shader Editor

GUI Evlolutions

With each new version we revisit our past thinking and improve on it to create a better product. In this update we took a look at the window docking system, Task Groups and how the engine alerted you to unresolved component problems.
-Task Group enhancements – List of all behavior instances with actor names / Control behavior execution priorities.
-New Window Docking System – improved window customization.
-Usability Improvements – Explicit display of unresolved components including name of component.

Multi-Threaded Scripting

This new feature allows you to organize your code segments to be run in parallel through the use of a new Task Group.
-Improve runtime performances by using threaded task “Parallel Task Group”

Download 3DVIA Studio and get started for free!  Stay tuned for the second announcement of new features comming soon!  3DVIA Studio Pro questions and information available through our form.


First 5 users to find new features not listed here and comment on this post will get a custom forum title!

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