3DVIA Featured 3D Modeler – Peeter Loomus (petzl)

Peeter Loomus (petzl) is our newest Featured Artist! Here on 3DVIA he specializes in making his models with 3DVIA Shape. Peeter is #12 on the all-time 3DVIA Top 10 winners list and moving steadily upward. He was in the #9 spot in the Best of the Best 2010 and has already been in a total of nine Top 10 selections – so far.  Peeter was also the winner of the Model Spotlight in Issue #6 of the 3DVIA Shape newsletter and has one of the Models of the Month in Issue #7!

His models are always interesting, colorful, and filled with details that are often not easy to create using Shape.  Each time Peeter figures out a way to get it done.  We can also always count on Peeter to have kind and encouraging comments to help other modelers and to be a strong member of the 3DVIA community.  This is especially appreciated.

As Peeter notes later in his answers, he is passionate about photography and that translates well into his rendering skills.  Every image in this article (except the title image, which I’ve cropped a bit) are Peeter’s images – just as he sent them to me.  I’ve made no changes.  Bear that in mind as you review his work. They are all done quite well!

Now, I’ll leave you in Peeter’s capable hands as he tells us about himself:

Hello, I’m Peeter Loomus, also known as petzl in the 3DVIA community.  I absolutely love 3D modeling and I’m glad I am being featured – I’d like to thank the whole 3DVIA community for that.

I’m a 21 year old college student from Estonia.  My hometown is Rakvere, but currently I study at the Tallinn University of Applied Sciences and my specialty is mechanical engineering.

I’m not working anywhere during school, but I really enjoy working during summer time.  I’ve worked in Finland as a pizza chef and carpenter.  In Estonia, I’ve worked as a construction worker and decorator.

Q1: How long have you been 3D modeling?
Sadly, I don’t remember the exact date, but I’m really interested about this myself, so I’ll do some calculating.  I think it was slightly before 2009 when I bought my laptop, but as I look at my 3DVIA profile, I joined the 3DVIA community on August 26 in 2008.  Well, I had desktop PC before I got my laptop, so I probably started modeling when I joined 3DVIA even though I don’t remember modeling on my desktop PC.  Anyway it must have been around the end of 2008, which means I have modeled for almost 3 year now.

Q2: How did you become interested in 3D modeling?
I’m not sure, but I think I wanted to create something that I couldn’t do in real life.  So I looked for a program that would be free and easy to use for making 3D models. That was the point where I met 3DVIA Shape.

Q3: What types of 3D modeling do you do?
Mostly I like to do realistic models from objects that surround me.  It makes modeling much easier when you have exact measurements and shapes given.  Sometimes when I have some great idea, but don’t have any example in front of me, I just try to model it by using a ruler or measuring tape and picturing the sizes of parts.  Sometimes I also let my imagination  fly and do something inspirational.

Q4: Do you use 3D modeling for professional or personal use?
I use it for personal projects, but in the future I’d really like to be involved professionally as well.

Q5: What part of 3D modeling do you find most rewarding?
The most rewarding part is probably when I finish the work and can look at it on 3DVIA.  One of the best parts is also the feedback.  It’s really inspiring to get comments and different recommendations.

Q6: How does storytelling play a role in your 3D modeling?
Actually, I had not tried storytelling in 3D modeling before I recently made the model Stairway To Heaven, which is based fully on storytelling.  I got the idea by listening to one song that I really started to like – and it was the title of the song which inspired me to make this model.  While making this model I realized it’s actually bloody fun to have some story in your models and I’m definitely going to make more storytelling models from now on.

Q7: What sources of inspiration do you use for your 3D models?
Mostly I make realistic models from objects that surround me, so these objects actually inspire me the most.  If I’m trying to do a model that I don’t have an example for, I use Google to find pictures or dimensions of the model.  I also get inspiration from music, movies and books.

Q8: What additional software do you use to create your 3D models and images?
Mostly I use 3DVIA Shape – it’s just such a fantastic program because you don’t need much of knowledge to make models with it.  I have also tried many different 3D modeling programs such as SketchUp, AutoCad, SolidWorks, and CATIA, but mainly I feel I don’t have enough experience to work with these programs.

Right now I’m using Solid Edge for school and I have studied it for about 4 months.  Probably I’m going to use this program more often in the near future.  My teacher said: “When you know how to use one of the CAD programs, you can easily learn others”.  I believe it’s true and I’m probably going to also practice some other 3D programs when I’m more experienced in Solid Edge.  For rendering I use KeyShot and for editing the pictures I like to use GIMP and Picnik.

Q9: What are your tips for staying focused on a large 3D modeling project?
Most of the models I create take me an average of 8 hours with pauses, and I don’t consider that a large project.  I have done some larger projects also (for example My Apartment), which took days to finish and actually there will be still lots of things to add after finishing it.  So the way I stay focused during large projects is by listening to good music and sitting comfortably.  And it’s always useful to make pauses because you’ll just get tired if you sit too long behind the computer.

Q10: What are your thoughts on the value of 3D modeling to help us all learn about the world?
I think that 3D modeling is getting more and more valuable in this field.  A few years ago most people didn’t even have a personal computer, so at that time 3D was pretty much unknown in the meaning of computer graphics.  But now I think people can learn a lot about the world from 3D modeling.  3D modeling develops logical thinking and by simulating an engine, for example, you can learn how things work.

Q11: How do you think 3D modeling is different in different parts of the world?
The environment that surrounds you definitely matters.  For example if you live in the area where there is a lot of nature and the wild world, you probably get different inspirations than people who live in the big city. But it’s not necessarily like that.  Nowadays the internet plays a huge role in 3D modeling and this makes 3D modeling almost the same everywhere, no matter where you live.

Q12: What do you like to do outside of 3D modeling (books music, games, sports, etc.)?

One of my favorite hobbies is riding my bicycle – I do it any time I can, but Estonian weather is not always perfect and usually I don’t ride while it’s raining or during the winter time.  Same goes with rollerblading, which I just discovered lately and have started to love.  I like all kinds of different sports including rock climbing, hiking, swimming, running and others.

I also like old cars such as the VW Beetle, VW Camper, old Fiats and others.  I love the design of old cars and also the engines.

Photography is my passion – I love taking pictures and walking along the streets or forests to see anything interesting to shoot.  I’ve always used mobile phones to take my pictures.

I do like to read books but I don’t have any specific favorites.  I have several favorite movies and mostly I like drama, comedy, adventure, biography, disaster and zombie movies.  Some examples: The Shawshank Redemption, Into the Wild, The Road, and The Walking Dead series.  My music choices are very wide, but my favorite genres are rock, alternative, funk, reggae, and punk.

Thank you Peeter for sharing so much of yourself with us!  I definitely feel like I know you better now, both as a person and as a modeler.  May your future hold all kinds of interesting 3D modeling and photographic challenges. You’ll be ready!

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  1. Wow! I feel like I know you better now too! :) Congratulations, your models are awesome

  2. Amazing models, Peeter! :)

    Congratulations for this great success and good luck with your purposes in future.


  3. Great set of Shape models. And I love the context-based images / photographs.
    Congrats to Peeter! And a very interesting profile, Don. Thanks!

  4. Petzl! Really great stuff. Thanks so much for sharing with us your inspirations and aspirations. You do very nice work and I’m looking forward to seeing your future contributions and progress. Keep up the great work!

  5. Congratulation Petzl!
    You well deserved being chosen as a featured artist.
    I always enjoy your models. Keep the good work going.

    Best regards

  6. Great article…always nice to meet a modeler with passion for what he does!

  7. congratulations and welcome to the excusive club of 3dvia modellers

  8. Thanks for a great feedback, I appreciate it. I’m currently trying to get some ideas for modelling because I have quite a bit of free time. Will do something soon =)