3DVIA at DEVCON 2009 (Special Secret 3DVIA Announcement)

devcon_logo_sm After a quick scan of Twitter and the blogosphere, it looks like the coverage for 3DVIA at this year’s DEVCON 2009 was simply excellent.  Why then do I need to publish yet another recap of the conference?  The following articles from around the Web speak for themselves and even leak a few of the great items we have in store for our users in the next few months…3DVIA.com on your iPhone anyone?

develop3D_logo_200px First up, Alistar Dean has posted several articles on both DEVCON 2009 and the upcoming 3DVIA Mobile application (did I mention that we are launching an iPhone version of the site already?).  He was gracious enough to post the first public demonstration of said application.

solidsmack_logo_200px Josh Mings also has several posts lined up over at SolidSmack including his own post on the, I’ll say it again, upcoming 3DVIA Mobile application.

3dperspectives_200px And then of course, is our own Kate Bourdet and the intrepid team at the 3D Perspectives blog. Kate posted a YouTube video showing what appears to be a 3DVIA Mobile application being used in its native habitat.

I’m not sure if you have heard yet but it appears that the team here is planning on launching a version of 3DVIA.com as an iPhone Application?

Kate…I promise to start contributing to the blog soon!

ponoko_logo Update:  Just after I published this post, Duann over at the Ponoko blog posted an article about a certain upcoming iPhone application.





We are pleased to announce that plans are in the works to release a version of the 3DVIA.com site formatted as a Apple iPhone application.  Please keep tuned to the 3DVIA site and blog for specific details on how and when you can get your hands on a copy for your phone.





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